Wollongong 2028
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Wollongong 2028

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Our Wollongong 2028 is a long term Community Strategic Plan for the City. The Plan plays a vital role in the future of Wollongong and provides direction for the delivery of key projects and services which will help meet the needs of the community.
Council is required by legislation to develop a long term Community Strategic Plan (CSP) for their Local Government Area. The legislation also requires a suite of other strategic planning documents including Council’s delivery program, resourcing strategy and other plans that, at their core, are aimed at contributing to the delivery of the community’s aspirations and goals as outlined in the CSP. The Community Strategic Plan is supported by Council’s Resourcing Strategy, Delivery Program and Operational Plan including the Operational and Capital Budget and Revenue Policy, Fees and Charges.
Results from a series of engagement activities in 2017 and 2018 have informed the development of the Our Wollongong 2028 Community Strategic Plan.
This Plan retains the vision and goals (with minor amendments) and updates the objectives and strategies to reflect the current focus, challenges and aspirations of our community.
Our vision:
From the mountains to the sea, we value and protect our natural environment and we will be leaders in building an educated, creative and connected community.
To achieve our vision, six community goals were created which will guide Council, business and the community for the next ten years:
  1. We value and protect our environment
  2. Wehave an innovative and sustainable economy
  3. We have a creative, vibrant city
  4. We are a connected and engaged community
  5. We have a healthy community in a liveable city
  6. We have affordable and accessible transport.

Wollongong City Council’s Resource Strategy 2018-2028 that while the rigour and focus of financial sustainability will remain, the key focus can now shift to deliver our services more effectively, efficiently and innovatively.    








Current Plans

   Community Engagement Strategy for the Community Strategic Plan [174 KB] 

  Our Wollongong 2028 Community Engagement Report [981 KB]

 Our Wollongong 2028 Community Strategic Plan [61.3MB]

  Our Wollongong Community Indicator Dictionary [3.36 MB]

 Our Wollongong 2018-2021 Resourcing Strategy [21 MB]

 Delivery Program 2018 2021 Operational Plan 2019 2020​ 

 Operational and Capital Budget 2019-2020 [4.3 MB]

 Infrastructure Delivery Program 2018-2022 [7.30 MB]

 Revenue Policy, Fees and Charges 2019-2020 [6.5 MB]


Previous Year Plans 

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