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1584Council Governance Access to Council Information
Council has a mandatory requirement to publish certain information to its Website: Open Access Information Register.  

How to view information held by Council: 

  • To view information that is freely available on Council's website visit: Access to Information
  • For all other information not published to Council’s website, an application will be required:

1. Informal Access Application:

Informal Access Applications incur no application fee, however, should you wish to obtain copies of documents, copying charges may apply.

To apply informally for access to Council documents or information:

2. Formal Access Application:

A Formal Application application may be necessary if the information required cannot be accessed through any other avenue. This type of application is required when requesting a large volume of information or involves an extensive search.

Formal Access Applications incur a $30 application fee (and further processing fees may apply).

To apply for formal access to Council’s documents or information:

  • Download a copy of the Formal Access Application and forward to Council.
  • or contact Council's Customer Service Office on (02 4227 7111)

Applications will only be accepted in accordance with the provisions of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009.


Access to Information 13.0System Account
1682Drainage and Flooding Flooding
Development advice may be requested regarding development on flood affected land. Any development on flood affected land refer to the Chapter E13 Floodplain Management of the Wollongong DCP 2009 for relevant information.
You are advised to seek independant advice from a suitably qualified civil engineer.
You can also request to be referred to a Council Drainage Engineer for technical information.
Drainage/ Flooding Advice4.0System Account
1950Planning Building and Development ServicesCertificates
If your development proposal involves building work (or subdivision work), you are required to lodge a Construction Certificate Application. You are not able to commence any form of construction until you have received Development Consent and a Construction Certificate.
A Construction Certificate can be approved and issued by Wollongong City Council or a Private Certifier.
If you are required to submit a construction certificate:
Construction Certificate 6.0System Account
1681Drainage and Flooding Flooding
You can request the following by selecting the Apply For It button:
  • A property's 10.7 Certificate (Parts 2 and 5),
  • Flood information report or

Visit our catchment strategies section to view completed flood study reports.

You may have a Section 10.7 Certificate that indicates your property is flood affected. You can be referred to an adopted Council flood study (where available) for that specific area within the Local Government area (LGA) to obtain flood level information.


Note Council has historic flood records and/or adopted flood studies for some areas within the LGA.

Council's Drainage Duty Officer will review your request to ensure that it is available as Council does not have flood level information for each property within the LGA. If you have confirmation that the flood study exists, you can complete a Flood level Information request form


For further information see Wollongong City Council Website: Flood Information

Drainage/ Flooding Advice12.0System Account
1697Drainage and Flooding
Enquiries can include but are not limited to:
Drainage :
  • On site detention
  • Wollongong DCP 2009 Chapter E14 Stormwater Management  
  • Development Applications relating to stormwater
  • Stormwater/road design plans request
  • or plans may be viewed with Council officer to assist with enquiry
  • Drainage easements (Council / private)

Flooding :

Create the Online Service Request by completing all the questionnaires and submit for actioning. Please provide as much information as possible: 
  • Contact name and address
  • Address of property in question  
  • what advice or information is required
Drainage/ Flooding Advice5.0System Account
1949Planning Building and Development ServicesCertificates

You can apply for the following Property Certificates online :


  • Certificate as to Rates & Charges - 603
  • Planning Certificate - 10.7 (cost is per parcel of land)
  • Certificate of Amount Due - 88G
  • Outstanding Orders - 121ZP
  • Road Widening Proposals
  • Flood Level Advice
Property Certificates6.0System Account
1952Planning Building and Development Services Certificates

You can apply for a 10.7 Certificate by lodging an online request or completing an application form:

There are two options when lodging:

1. Lodge directly as a public user (credit card only payments) or
2. register to use the online services.
The advantages of registering for online services are:
  • track the progress of the certificate
  • keep a record of all certificate lodgements

  • A  6.26 Certificate (previously 149A) cannot be purchased over the phone.
  • Frequent users are recommended to Register to use Online Services. If you want to register online you will need to complete the details and send to Council.

Property Certificates19.0System Account
2298Planning Building and Development ServicesDevelopment Application
Online lodgement is available for some residential and commercial developments via our online services portal.

Applications for development types listed with a ü can be lodged online:

ü Alterations and additions to existing dwelling

ü New dwelling (2 storey or single)

ü Dual occupancy

ü Secondary dwelling

ü Ancillary structures (carport, deck, pergola)

ü Swimming pool

ü Demolition work only

ü Change of use

ü Home business


Those listed û are currently excluded and must be lodged in person or by post:

û Complying Development

û    Modifications to an approved development

û Integrated development

û Subdivision

û Strata subdivision

û Advertising signs


Development Application Online Lodgement17.0System Account
2418Planning Building and Development Services Development Application

To successfully lodge your application online, the following information needs to be prepared prior to submission:

  • the correct property details
  • owner’s consent (as per current Rates Notice)
  • the applicant’s details
  • an accurate description of the proposed development
  • a genuine and accurate cost of development (inc GST)
  • a completed lodgement checklist relevant to your application
  • a complete set of plans/drawings (drawn to scale)
  • all other supporting documentation eg: Statement of Environmental Facts, Statement of Heritage Impact, Demolition, Geotechnical report etc
  • a valid credit card for online payment of application fees (obtain a fee estimate from Customer Service Centre) 
To minimise delay in receiving a decision about your application, please ensure you submit all relevant information.  

See Council's website for the detailed description of the above:  Development Application Process where you can obtain forms, checklists and apply online. 

Development Application Online Lodgement6.0System Account
2419Planning Building and Development ServicesDevelopment Application

It’s important your online application is received in its entirety. Please ensure:

  • Each document or plan (particularly residential floor plans) is saved as a separate file
  • Files must be provided in Portable Document Format (PDF) and under 10MB
  • Any photos provided are to be in JPEG format.
Development Application Online Lodgement10.0System Account
2123Roads and Related InfrastructureDriveways, Roads, Footpaths

The request to open the road/footpath application is to apply for permission to make the following:

  • Install traffic control measures
  • Occupy the footway/roadway for building purposes
  • Cross the footway to enter or exit the property
  • Open the footway/roadway
Any work being done within the road reserve needs Council approval. Road reserve is between the property boundary and the road.
You will need to complete an Application for: Application to Occupy a roadway or Footpath.
You need to provide the following information:
  • Completed Application to open and occupy a roadway or footpath form
  • Colour copy of a traffic and pedestrian management plan showing how traffic and pedestrians will be directed around the worksite
  • Ring Dial before you Dig and obtain a plan of the worksite
  • Copy of current public liability insurance
This information needs to be supplied with the application and may take up to 5 working days to process.
There are fees charged depending on the size of the opening, including:
  • the application fee
  • rental fee
  • a refundable damage deposit
These fees are payable when submitting the application. Permits are valid for one month.
Open and/or Occupy Roadway/Footpath 9.0System Account
2124Roads and Related infrastructureDriveways, Roads, Footpaths
Yes. Any new driveway being constructed between the property boundary and the kerb needs Council approval.
The driveway has to be constructed by a qualified contractor that meets Council's requirements.
See Council's Application Form: Consent For Construction of Vehicular and Special Crossings. Page 2 provides information on the Qualifications Required to Construct Vehicular and Special Crossings on Public Roads and Road Reserves and Page 3 provides Driveway Application guidelines.
Any contractor can construct the driveway providing they hold the appropriate qualifications. The owner or contractor can submit the application to Council for the work by completing the above form. We will require copies of the contractors details and qualifications if we haven't already received them. On receipt of the application, an officer will inspect the site and if permission is granted, a permit will be sent to the applicant.
No work is to commence outside of the property boundary until a permit is received.
On receipt of the permit, the contractor can commence excavation and formwork of the driveway. A Council officer will need to inspect the formwork before any concrete or pavers are laid. 24 hours notice is required for this inspection. Once the concrete or pavers are laid, a Council officer will do a final inspection of the completed driveway. This is to ensure there is a non-slip finish on the driveway and the area has been backfilled and left to Council's satisfaction.

Driveway Crossings 9.0System Account
2141Roads and Related Infrastructure Roads

Yes, Outdoor dining is permitted on the public road reserve (footway). There is an exemption from lodging a Development Application for outdoor restaurant dining on road reserve providing they meet the Guideline for Outdoor Restaurants on Public Roads.


Footpath Obstruction9.0System Account
2325Roads and Related InfrastructureDriveways, Roads, Footpaths

Footpath levels provide the correct grade or level any new driveways or footpaths have to be constructed at.  They also provide finished surface levels at the property boundary for construction work inside the property. 


Why do we need Footpath Levels ?


Footpath levels are often a condition on development consents for new houses or developments.  They are needed to ensure building levels inside and outside of the property conform to Council’s requirements. 


When is a footpath level application required ?


These levels are required when constructing a new driveway to a new house or development.  They may be required when you are putting in a new driveway to an existing house or building. 

How to apply:

You are required to complete the Application for Footpath Levels form and pay the appropriate fees. This form is available on the Council's website. 
Once the form is submitted and the fee is paid the process to approve takes up to 10 working days and will be posted out to you.
Footpath Levels7.0System Account
1951Planning Building and Development Services Certificates
A Building Information Certificate is commonly requested when property is being purchased or sold and there is a need to ensure that the property is not going to be the subject of action by the Council. It is also commonly applied for when work is undertaken without appropriate approvals being issued by Council (or a Private Certifier).

Fees apply for this certificate and if issued, the Council will not issue any order to demolish, alter, add or rebuild the structure(s) on site within seven (7) years.

This certificate is issued under the legislation of Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 or the Local Government Act 1993.

How is the Building Information Certificate different from the Planning Certificate?
Planning Certificates apply to the land specified whereas Building Information Certificates apply to the structures on the land.
Building Certificate13.0System Account