Wollongong Dune Management Strategy for the Patrolled Swimming Areas of 17 Beaches
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Wollongong Dune Management Strategy for the Patrolled Swimming Areas of 17 Beaches

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Beach dunes

​One of the key actions in the Draft Wollongong Coastal Zone Management Plan was to prepare a Dune Management Strategy.

Council engaged GHD in November 2012 to prepare the draft Wollongong Dune Management Strategy for the Patrolled Areas Swimming Areas of 17 Beaches. The draft Strategy identified options for the high use recreational areas of the 17 beaches looking at safety and recreational amenity issues, while considering biodiversity values and the role of dunes in coastal processes. 

The Draft Strategy was constructed with background data, fieldwork and analysis and consultation with the community and key stakeholders. ​

The draft Strategy was placed on public exhibition from 17 June to 14 July 2013. The 63 submissions were considered as part of the Submissions in Reply Report. The changes from the Submissions Report, along with a Dune Management Implementation Plan, were endorsed by Council on 26 August 2013. 

Council adopted the final Strategy with the changes on 24 March 2014.

You'll find the Dune Management Strategy documents on the right of this page.

Dune Management Implementation Plan

The Dune Management Implementation Plan was prepared taking into account the outcomes from the submissions, available budget, severity of issues, Multi Criteria Analysis output from the draft Strategy and risks from current coastal hazards. The Plan is divided into options that are relevant to dune management along the entire coastline, the management areas of the 17 patrolled beaches and beach specific options.    

The Implementation Plan will continue to be reviewed through Council’s annual business planning process. 

 For more on our vegetation management works, visit the Dune Vegetation Management Program at Patrolled Beaches page

Progress since 2013

The following beach specific options are underway or completed:

Bulli Beach

Council adopted the Entrance Management Study and Plan for Whartons Creek in April 2016. The Study and Plan outlines the approach to reduce the creek migration to the north along Bulli Beach, which in the past has caused erosion of the vegetated dunes, damage to beach access ways and impacts on beach amenity. The NSW Government’s Coastal Management Program assisted in preparing the Plan

We've completed the geotechnical assessment of the old Bulli seawall for protection against coastal hazards. Two sections of the wall were exposed using an excavator and sand vacuum machine and a geotechnical engineer assessed its condition. The investigation found the seawall construction falls well short of the current standards for a primary seawall. Hence, the old seawall will not provide adequate protection from storm events, and could expose the SLSC structure to overtopping and possibly undermining.

An investigation into the options of ‘building a tower and/or removing vegetation from the frontal zone and re-shaping’ was completed in 2016. The consultant recommended that re-shaping not occur at Bulli beach due to the increasing risk from coastal hazards to the Bulli Surf Life Saving Club and surrounding buildings. Council endorsed a new tower in December 2016.

Woonona Beach

Removal of vegetation from frontal zone and reshaping  was undertaken in June 2014. The tower was moved forward in 2016.

Corrimal Beach

​The tower was moved forward in June 2014 to help with clear line of sight to the patrolled swimming area. Removal of vegetation from the frontal zone and reshaping was undertaken in 2016. 

Towradgi Beach

Removal of vegetation from frontal zone and reshaping was undertaken in June 2015.

Fairy Meadow Beach

The main access path to the beach has been widened to allow rescue equipment to move to and from the beach. Removal of vegetation from the frontal zone and reshaping was undertaken in 2016.

Wollongong City Beach

A new tower was installed in March 2015.

Port Kembla Beach

The lifeguard tower facilities have been improved to allow shared access with the Surf Life Saving volunteers.  The access paths have been assessed and maintenance undertaken. Sand build up at the northern end of the beach is moved when required to allow access of rescue equipment to and from the beach.  

Design of the dune reshaping project has been completed and on ground work is expected to begin in May 2019. The aim is to improve access to the beach for lifesaving and rescue equipment.

Windang Beach

A new tower was installed in September 2014.

The following general management options are underway or completed:

  • Bush regeneration contractors are undertaking weed control, removal of senescent and dead subspecies of Acacia longifolia and re-planting with appropriate native species at Stanwell Park, Bulli, Woonona, Bellambi, Corrimal, Towradgi, Fairy Meadow and Wollongong City beaches. Dune Vegetation Site Plans have been prepared for these beaches outlining vegetation management activities to be undertaken. For further information see our dune vegetation management program.
  • We will continue to monitor Beach and Dunes which will involve monthly beach and dune profile surveys and photopoint monitoring. Surveys are undertaken at Woonona-Bellambi, Towradgi-Fairy Meadow and Wollongong City-Coniston beaches.  Additional transects were added at Towradgi, Bulli and Corrimal beaches since 2014-15 and at Port Kembla beach in 2016.  The results from the program for Woonona and Towradgi beaches, where dune re-profiling work has been undertaken, are helping to inform further such proposals for other beaches. For further information please refer to Wollongong Beach and Dune Monitoring Program
  • A volunteer Dunecare program was launched in June 2015. 
  • Assessment of access ways at several beaches including identification of paths to be closed, graded or cleared.
  • Development of an implementation procedure for the Wollongong Coastal Erosion Emergency Action Subplan (Appendix Q​). This outlines roles and responsibilities prior, during and following a coastal erosion emergency.   
  • You'll find the Dune Management Implementation Plan on the right of this page.

You'll find the Dune Management Implementation Plan on the right of this page.​

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