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Expand/Collapse Subject : Biology ‎(4)
Australian Red Cross Blood Service
How donated blood is used
Diseases & Conditions
From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
DNA Interactive
DNA Learning Center
National Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases Information Service
Information about Endocrine and Metabolic diseases
Expand/Collapse Subject : Business Studies ‎(2)
Business Studies HSC Syllabus
Includes assessment and examination materials
Expert Insights and Business Case Studies
Find out how businesses have successfully improved their operations
Expand/Collapse Subject : Chemistry ‎(3)
Free chemistry tutorials designed for high school chemistry students
Helping you to understand chemistry
Eric Weisstein's World of Chemistry
Expand/Collapse Subject : Design and Technology ‎(1)
HSC technology syllabus support
Case studies in design, technology and cultural diversity
Expand/Collapse Subject : English ‎(7)
Area of Study Electives and Texts
Area of Study: Discovery Resources
From the State Library of New South Wales
Australian Poetry Library
Tens of thousands of poems from hundreds of Australian poets
Discovery - Resources for an HSC Area of Study
Poems and Poets
From the Poetry Foundation
Related Texts for the Area of Study - Discovery
Senior English Students
Help for Senior English Students from the English Teachers Association
Expand/Collapse Subject : Food Technology ‎(1)
Food Standards Australia New Zealand
Expand/Collapse Subject : Geography ‎(2)
HSC Geography Case Study
A global overview of the steel industry and a case study of the Port Kembla Steelworks
Human Development Indices and Indicators
Expand/Collapse Subject : History ‎(2)
History Teachers' Association of NSW
Useful links for history students
The Anzac Portal
Expand/Collapse Subject : Information and Support ‎(7)
Art Of Smart
HSC resources, study plans and exam tips
CSU Guide for HSC Students
Includes past exams, study guides, tips, and free online resources for each subject or stream
Essay Writing - The Basics
HSC Exams
Past exam papers and examination resources
HSC Survival Guide
Examination tips from NSW HSC Online and the Sydney Morning Herald
Online Multiple Choice
Sample multiple choice questions for HSC students
Syllabuses, Support Documents and Specimen HSC exams
Published by the Board of Studies
Expand/Collapse Subject : Legal Studies ‎(1)
HSC Legal Studies in NSW
Resources to help students and teachers find reliable and useful information for HSC legal studies
Expand/Collapse Subject : Mathematics ‎(1)
Wolfram Alpha
A computational search engine
Expand/Collapse Subject : PDHPE ‎(3)
Australia's Health 2018
From the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
druginfo@your library
National Drugs Campaign
The Australian Government’s National Drugs Campaign aims to help young people and parents understand the harmful effects and consequences of drug use
Expand/Collapse Subject : Physics ‎(3)
Eric Weisstein's World of Physics
Physics Resources for HSC Students
From the University of New South Wales
A website from the Institute of Physics
Expand/Collapse Subject : Senior Science ‎(1)
NOVA - Science for Curious Minds
From the Australian Academy of Science
Expand/Collapse Subject : Society and Culture ‎(3)
Making Multicultural Australia for the 21st Century
Resources to assist young people, parents, teachers and the community to explore Australia's cultural diversity, tolerance and anti-racism
Personal Interest Project Extract Index
Selected sections of the award winning Personal Interest Projects have been digitised to show excellence in various areas related to their construction
Society and Culture Association

An avenue for teachers and students to share resources and expertise. Each year PIP and HSC Study Days are organised for Year 12 students

Expand/Collapse Subject : Visual Arts ‎(3)
An exhibition of artworks created by students for the HSC examination in Visual Arts
HSC Critique - Visual Arts
HSC Quick Quiz, exam responses and study links
Visual Arts - NSW HSC Online
Resources for Visual Arts students
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