Keep It Clear - Ron's Story
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Keep It Clear - Ron's Story

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Poster with "Keep It Clear!" at top and photo of Ron using a white support cane, approaching A-frame sign. Caption on sign says “A-frame signs alongside buildings make it unsafe for me to access your business”.

“At the age of 17 I developed a brain tumour. The tumour had to be operated on to save my life. When I woke up from the operation I had lost all the sight and the hearing from the left hand side of my body. I still had a very small amount of central vision in my right eye, about the size of a one cent piece, although now I am very close to being completely blind”.  

“I use a white cane with a flat tip to get around Wollongong.  I catch public transport everywhere I go around our city."

“I became involved in the Keep It Clear! poster campaign because I want people to be aware of people like me who are blind or who have low vision who live in the Wollongong community. All I ask is that people are aware, considerate and keep obstacles out of my path”.

Thank you.



October 2014

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