Trees on Public Land
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Trees on Public Land

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Council maintains a huge network of public trees including street trees, with many more growing in our parks and reserves. Our arbor crews strive to maximise the health and longevity of our public trees to ensure ongoing amenity for our residents, and thus carry out any necessary maintenance required.

Council only prunes trees where the pruning is essential to maintain the health of the tree or to ensure safety of persons or to protect property.  Council prunes in accordance with the Australian Standard for Pruning of Amenity Trees (AS4373–2007).

Council does not prune privately owned trees, however where private trees are encroaching into public spaces, Council may request the tree’s owner to prune their tree to alleviate any public safety concerns.

Powerline Clearance

Powerline clearance is carried out by contractors working for Endeavour Energy.  The minimum accepted distance between vegetation and overhead lines is provided for both safety clearances and regrowth.

In general, 1m clearance is required around service lines running from the street to private properties, and 1.5m clearance is required around the lines running along the street, plus allowance for one year’s regrowth.  The minimum clearance is strongly influenced by the type and voltage of the overhead cables.  The higher the voltage, the greater the clearance required.

If you're concerned about trees interfering with powerlines, contact Endeavour Energy on 131 003.

Tree Service on Public Land

If you have an issue that relates to trees on public land, ie Council parks, reserves or footpaths, contact Customer Service on (02) 4227 7111, or fill out the online Tree Service Request.
Typical issues may include

  • Pruning of trees
  • Raised tree roots 
  • Dead/dying trees 
  • Overhanging branches - broken or hanging branch still in tree canopy 
  • Fallen tree or branches 
  • Cracked or split branch or tree 
  • Tree poisoned or vandalised 
  • Sewer blockage - as a result of tree roots 
  • Root damage to driveways 
  • Claims to Council due to tree damage 
  • Borers and caterpillars in trees - concerns about possible damage to tree 
  • Bee or wasp hive/swarms in tree 
  • Bird droppings and/or birds causing damage to tree, eg cockatoos
  • Storm damage to Council trees.

Planting Trees on Public Land

Street tree planting, planting in parks and reserves or bushland requires special care and consideration and is controlled by Council.

Contact the Customer Service on (02) 4227 7111 to discuss street, park or reserve planting, or the Bushcare officer on (02) 4227 8109 for any tree planting in bushland.

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