Indian Myna Bird Action Program
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Indian Myna Bird Action Program

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​The Program is a Council sponsored community program that aims to provide a response to growing community concern regarding the abundance and distribution of Indian Myna Birds within the region, and their impact on native wildlife, human health and our environment.

For more information on the Program and how you can become involved, download PDF icon The Indian Myna Bird Action Program Brochure

What are the aims of the project?

The program has been designed to engage residents through a community based program that includes the participation of the Corrimal Community Men's Shed. The program has three broad aims:
  • To reduce the breeding, feeding and roosting opportunities for Indian Myna Birds.
  • To conduct a humane trapping program that is acceptable to the community, animal welfare agencies and government.
  • To survey and record Indian Myna bird numbers and impacts to assist with program development and future research

How do I participate in the program?


Register your interest by calling Council's Customer Service Centre on 4227 7111 and then book to attend one of the following free short workshops.

You can also book via Eventbrite. The dates below provide links to the online booking form. All workshops run from 10am for about one hour.


The workshops will be held on: 

​Friday 8 February ​ [register here]
​Saturday 9 March ​ [register here]
​Friday 12 April  [register here]
​Saturday 11 May ​ [register here]
​Friday 7 June ​ [register here]
​Saturday 13 July  [register here]
​Friday 9 August  [register here]
​Saturday 7 September  [register here]
​Friday 11 October  [register here]
​Saturday 9 November  [register here]
​Friday 6 December ​ [register here]


You will then be contacted by Council staff with your workshop details.

2. Attend the compulsory workshop.

3. Get involved in our humane backyard trapping program (optional) by purchasing your own trap from Corrimal Men's Shed for $50 (cash only). A representative of the Men's Shed will be selling approved traps at the workshop. Please note: participants must complete a workshop prior to purchasing a trap. One trap per property only.

4. Record sighting and trapping statistics using the Myna Bird Sighting Sheet template and report this information back to Council.

5. Encourage friends and neighbours to get involved in the program.

Why do I need to attend a workshop?

  • To receive instructions for the humane treatment of Indian Myna Birds to reduce breeding, feeding and roosting opportunities
  • To learn how to effectively and humanely trap Indian Myna Birds
  • To learn about approved humane options to dispose of Indian Mynas and to have access to Council's free euthanising service
  • To be informed of the support Council provides within the program
  • To become involved in a city-wide program to survey and record Indian Myna bird numbers and impacts to assist with program development and future research.

Correct Identification

diagram showing difference between Indian Myna and Native Noisy Miner 

Indian Mynas (above left) are most often seen strutting around the ground looking for food, generally in places where humans gather and eat. School grounds, shopping centres, fast food outlets and outdoor eating areas are some of their favourite feeding grounds. They are opportunistic scavengers and will eat almost anything that is easy to get at. They gather noisily in large numbers to roost, often in non-native trees and palms.

The Noisy Miner (above right) is a small gregarious honeyeater, most often seen feeding on native plants, eating insects and nectar from the flowers. It is aggressive enough to frighten away cats and other predators but timid enough to be frightened of humans. It is an Australian native and, as such, is protected. Unlike the introduced Indian Myna, the Noisy Miner does not kill other native birds or mammals.
Further information relating to correct identification will be provided at the workshop.

Further Information and Standard Operating Procedures

Please note: Under the Wollongong Indian Myna Bird Action Program, the trap operator is required to humanely euthanise birds in accordance with the NSW Department of Primary Industries' Standard Operating Procedure for Trapping of Pest Birds

This program is delivered in partnership with Corrimal Community Men's Shed

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