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Wollongong City Council

Lake Illawarra Entrance Study

We’re doing a long term study of Lake Illawarra entrance to help us better understand and manage the lake and surrounding areas.

In 2007 when the lake was managed by the NSW Government, the entrance was permanently opened with sea walls. In 2012 rock barriers (known as groynes) were installed on the Windang side to protect the foreshore from erosion.

These entrance works have contributed to other issues, such as foreshore erosion, failure of assets and loss of culturally significant sites, which now need to be addressed. To help us understand the issues and how we can best respond to them, we’ve begun a study of the options to help the Lake Illawarra entrance.

Past studies have failed to identify the issues that we are now trying to manage. So we need to do something different.  We are going to complete a sand tracing study which will tell us where the sand is moving from and to. This information is critical to understanding the lake entrance system.

Council has completed a detailed Review of Environmental Factors along with other checks. All of these show the study will not have a significant impact on the environment.