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Wollongong City Council

Fire Safety Certificates and Statements

The building owner or their representative must regularly provide paperwork to both Council and NSW Fire and Rescue to confirm they’re meeting fire safety standards.

These documents must also be prominently displayed in the building.

The paperwork below must be signed by the owner or their representative, and the competent fire safety practitioner.

You must complete your fire safety certificate or statement using the format and compulsory wording from the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000. Council may reject statements or certificates that are not completely correctly.

Registration fees for fire safety statements and certificates can be found in the Fees section of this page.

A Fire Safety Certificate must be submitted by the building owner for:

  • a new building, before it is used
  • changed use of a building, before the building is used, or
  • fire safety upgrade works required by Council.

Use the form below to submit a Fire Safety Certificate, and return it to Council and NSW Fire and Rescue with a copy of the Fire Safety Schedule.

Fire Safety Certificate form DOCX, 165.53 KB

After the Fire Safety Certificate has been issued, you will need to submit an Annual Fire Safety Statement every 12 months.

This annual statement must be submitted within 12 months of the date of issue of the Fire Safety Certificate or the previously given annual fire safety statement.

Use the form below to submit an Annual Fire Safety Statement, and return it to Council and NSW Fire and Rescue with a copy of the Fire Safety Schedule.

Fire Safety Statement form  DOCX, 155.44 KB

This statement only applies to critical fire safety measures. These are measures that are important enough to need inspection more often than once a year.

The fire safety schedule will list any measures that are considered critical, and how often they need to be inspected.

Annual / Supplementary Fire Safety Statement form PDF, 79.24 KB

It is an offence not to provide an Annual Fire Safety Statement by the due date.  Heavy and continuing weekly penalty notices apply.

1 week late: $1000
2 weeks late: $2000
3 weeks late: $3000
4+ weeks late: $4000

These penalties can also apply if your statement or certificate is not prepared in line with the state regulation.

Failure to submit an Annual Fire Safety Statement could also lead to legal proceedings in the Land and Environment Court, with penalties up to $110,000.

Council may consider requests for small extensions of time to lodge fire safety statements in extenuating circumstances.

If you cannot lodge a complete annual statement by the due date, you must notify us using the form below, and submit it with payment of the approved fee.

Request to Stay Penalty Notice Form  PDF, 392.94 KB

If you have a history of making late submissions, we are unlikely to support an application for an extension.