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Reading Ideas

Wollongong City Libraries will occasionally assemble a list of recommended texts on a topic or event. These are selected from staff and community suggestions and present a great opportunity to dip your toe into unfamiliar territory, or brush-up on a topic you are passionate about.

Visit our reading recommendations blog to find out more!

Or have a browse below at the lists to see if they spark any ideas.

In celebration of the annual NAIDOC Week and Indigenous Literacy Day, we have compiled a list featuring prize-winning and otherwise revered works by First Australians. You can find each text and more by searching the catalogue.

If you would like to see more literature written by Aboriginal Australians, we encourage you to suggest an item

Sometimes you just need a laugh. Explore these and many more comedic books by searching the catalogue

Know any sidesplitting stories we don't have yet? Why not head over and suggest an item

Wollongong City Libraries is committed to providing a welcoming, supportive and inclusive environment for everyone. To celebrate our diverse community, our staff have curated a list of favourite and lesser-known LGBTQIA+ texts. Each is available for borrowing in our catalogue.

If there's a LGBTQIA+ work you think should be in our catalogue, suggest an item. 🏳️‍🌈

Grounded science, or quirky speculation? Peak behind the curtain and discover amazing things about the world we inhabit and beyond. Each text can be accessed via our catalogue.

If there's a scintillating piece of science fact or fiction that you think should be in our catalogue, suggest an item. 🔬

Get your little one prepared for starting school with these great reads available via our catalogue.


Try one of these websites for help finding a good read:

Join a book club

Book clubs are a great way to challenge yourself and read something you might not have thought to pick up. We have more than a dozen book clubs across most of our libraries. Visit our Book Clubs page to find a group.