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Wollongong City Council


"We are not defined by the disability we have"

I’ve been a chef for 21 years; a job that is sometimes made more challenging because of my cerebral palsy (CP).

What I like about being a chef is that I can be creative and invent things. It has also given me the opportunity to step out and start my own cake decorating business.

I will give anything a go and keep trying until I get it. My current interest is paddle boarding. The paddle boarding helps with my core strength.

On a bad day if I’ve been standing for hours my legs and back seize up and I am not able to move. I’ve had people frown at me and tell me to walk normal.

I say to people don’t judge the book until you know the person, but people get in their head that because I have a disability, I don’t know what I’m
talking about.

Life would be easier without CP but I learn and adapt.