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Wollongong City Council

Website FAQs

Below are answers to some questions you might have about our new website.

If you have a question that isn't answered here, please use our website feedback form to get in touch.

Our old site was around 10 years old, and needed a big refresh.

We’ve created the new site with a focus on customer (rather than Council) needs, and used a new platform that is easier for people to use across different devices, including mobiles.

The new site also offers a better experience for people with disability who rely on assistive technology to access websites.

The approach we’ve taken to the new site is based on extensive research and input from our community.

We use these three profiles to try and match you to the things you’re most likely to need on our website.

For example, a visitor isn’t likely to need to remove a tree or register their pet! So we’ve taken those items out of their view.

No. Our site uses cookies to remember your last choice. When you return to the site, you should automatically go back in as your last profile choice as long as:

  • You’re on a computer that has been to the site before and accepts cookies
  • You’re not using a private or incognito window, and
  • You haven’t cleared your browsing history or cookies.

If you’re on a new computer, or your cookies have been cleared, you’ll be asked to pick a profile again.

Yes! There are two easy ways to do this:

  1. You can switch between profiles by using the buttons at the top of each page. These will take you to the homepage for each profile.
  2. You can use search to find information from all parts of the website.

No. To avoid confusion, we have removed the old site.

Fill in our website feedback form. We’d love to hear about your experience, good or bad, so we can keep making this site better in future.

There are a few things we might do in response to your feedback. We may:

  1. Make simple changes or fixes straight away
  2. Add something to our to-do list so we can make changes at a later date
  3. Do some more investigation or look at feedback from other people before we make a decision
  4. Take note, but decide not to change anything. This could happen if it’s something we can’t control, or if it doesn’t fit with the overall goals of our website.

Yes – we’ve added a Google Translate widget in the footer of the site so you can switch it into languages other than English.

Please note, because Google Translate is automated, it is not totally reliable and translations are beyond Council’s control. We understand that it works better in some languages than others.

We’ve used Google Translate to try and make our site more accessible for everyone, but if you need to confirm any information on the site, we recommend you get a professional translator or interpreter to help.