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Wollongong City Council

Investments Register

TypeType NameName File SizeFile Size
PDF File Statement of Investment April and May 2019 593.3 KB
PDF File Statement-of-Investment-March-2019.pdf 489.0 KB
PDF File Statement-of-Investment-February-2019.pdf 472.9 KB
PDF File Policy-Review-Investment-Council-Policy.pdf 1.2 MB
PDF File Statement-of-Investment-October-2018.pdf 432.4 KB
PDF File Statement-of-Investment-August-and-September-2018.pdf 494.2 KB
PDF File Statement-of-Investment-July-2018.pdf 446.5 KB
PDF File Statement-of-Investment-June-2018.pdf 430.1 KB
PDF File Statement-of-Investment-May-2018.pdf 230.7 KB
PDF File Proposed-Acquisition-of-Land-at-Scarborough-owned-by-Australian-Securities-and-Investment-Commission.pdf 203.5 KB
PDF File Statement-of-Investment-April-2018.pdf 240.9 KB
PDF File Statement-of-Investment-March-2018.pdf 492.2 KB
PDF File Statement-of-Investment-February-2018.pdf 301.2 KB
PDF File Statement-of-Investments-January-2018.pdf 489.8 KB
PDF File Statement-of-Investments-November-and-December-2017.pdf 377.3 KB
PDF File Item 25 - Statements of Investments - October 2017 279.8 KB
PDF File Statements of Investments October 2017 279.8 KB
PDF File Statement of Investments September 2017 294.3 KB
PDF File Statements of Investments July and August 2017 582.6 KB
PDF File Statements of Investments June 2017 293.3 KB
PDF File Statement-of-Investments-April-2017.pdf 303.9 KB
PDF File Statement-of-Investments-May-2017.pdf 437.7 KB
PDF File Statements-of-Investments-March-2017.pdf 444.9 KB
PDF File Statement-of-Investments-February-2017.pdf 461.0 KB
PDF File Statement-of-Investments-January-2017.pdf 323.1 KB
PDF File Statement-of-Investments-November-and-December-2016.pdf 598.9 KB
PDF File Statement of Investment - July 2019 339.2 KB
PDF File Statement of Investment - August and September 2019.pdf 714.2 KB
PDF File Notice of Motion - Councillor Figliomeni - Port Kembla Community Investment Fund_PKCIF.pdf 327.8 KB
PDF File Statement of Investment October 2019 635.8 KB
PDF File Statement-of-Investment-January-2019.pdf 487.5 KB
PDF File Statement-of-Investment-November-and-December-2018.pdf 628.3 KB