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Test Your Fitness

There are plenty of ways you can track your fitness levels.

Use the links below or contact us to arrange a fitness assessment by one of our experts at Beaton Park or Lakeside Leisure Centre.

These links are a guide only. If you have any questions about your results, talk to a health professional. We recommend you seek medical advice before starting any new fitness program, especially if you have ongoing health issues.

Use your height and weight to estimate your body fat. Your BMI can also be used to gauge your risk for health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, gallstones, breathing problems and some cancers.

Note that BMI can be used for most people, but it may:

overestimate body fat in athletes or people with a muscular build

underestimate body fat in older people, or those who have lost muscle.

Go to the Heart Foundation's BMI calculator.

Grab a tape measure to work out your Waist to Hip Ratio. Comparing these two measures can indicate your health, and risk level for serious health conditions.

Go to the Waist to Hip Ratio calculator.

Use the Target Heart Rate calculator to work out the best intensity level to meet your goals.

Go to the Target Heart Rate calculator.

Enter your age, height, weight and gender to learn how much energy you need each day to maintain your current weight.

Go to the Daily Energy Needs calculator.

Get an estimate of your total kilojoules and nutrients based on the foods you’re eating each day.

Go to the Nutrients and Dietary Energy Calculator