Inter Library Loans

When you join Wollongong City Libraries, you can borrow items that aren't in our collection from other libraries.

Fees and conditions apply, which are explained below.

You can generally borrow books, magazine articles, DVDs and music CDs from participating libraries.

You can only borrow items that aren't in our collection already, so please check our catalogue or ask library staff before you make an inter library loan request. 

You can't borrow items through inter library loans that are:

  • in our collection, but currently out on loan
  • on order, being processed or in transit
  • in our reference collection.

In most cases you'll be able to take inter library items home, but some libraries may only lend items on the condition that they're used in the library. We'll let you know if this applies to your request.


Normally it takes around two weeks for an inter library loan item to get to you, but sometimes it might take longer.

We try to get the items to you as soon as we can but we can't promise when it will arrive.

Loan periods

The loan period for an item is determined by the library that owns it. It's usually between one to four weeks. The library can also ask for the item back before the due date. We'll let you know how long you can keep the item when you pick it up.


Sometimes you can borrow an inter library loan for a longer time, as long as you ask for an extension before the due date. Whether you can do this depends on the library's policy and if other people are waiting to borrow it.

If you want a photocopy of a magazine article or document held by another library, a fee of $18.70 will usually apply.

You will also have to sign a copyright declaration when you pick up the article.

Please ask our staff for more details about getting copies of articles.

Fees apply to all inter library loans. You will only need to pay the fee when the items is supplied.

General current fees for inter library loans are:

  • $9.00 per item for most items available from another public library
  • $32.40 per item for items only held by the National Library, private or academic items
  • $21.10 per article for photocopied magazine articles or documents, up to 25 pages. Additional pages: $4.90 per 25 pages or part thereof.

If your request is urgent, you may need to pay additional fees to cover the cost of a courier service. Ask library staff if you want to request urgent delivery of an inter library loan.

Payment methods

You can pay for your inter library loan with cash or EFTPOS at all of our libraries.

Make an inter library loan request

Use the button below to apply for an inter library loan.

Request multicultural items from State Library of NSW

You can ask to borrow a box of items from the State Library of NSW in languages other than English, or to help improve your English skills.

See our Community Language Collections page for more information.