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Print, Copy, Scan and More

When you use these services, you must make sure you don't infringe any copyright laws, censorship laws or licencing agreements.


You can send an A4 print job from one of our library computers, or your home computer, laptop or mobile.

You'll need to visit a library and pay, either by cash or EFTPOS, to release and collect your print job.

Printing costs 20 cents per page for black and white, and 40 cents per page for colour. Our printers do not accept 50c coins.

Follow the printing instructions below to get started.

  1. Log in to a library computer
  2. Open the file or web page you want to print and select 'Print' (usually under 'File', depending on which program you're using)
  3. Select the printer for your library location
  4. Choose print options, ie colour or black and white, single or double-sided
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts to print
  6. Go to the Self Service Station and enter your library card number and pin to release your print job
  7. Pay the fee and pick up your printing.

See our Computers and Internet Access page for more information about using library computers.

  1. Prepare your file or select the URL of a web page you want to print
  2. Select the link below for the library you want to collect your printing job from:
  3. Choose whether you want to print black and white (20 cents per page) or colour (40 cents per page), and single or double sided
  4. Enter your email address
  5. Browse to select the file you want to print, or enter the URL of a web page
  6. Click the arrow to continue
  7. To approve your print job, click the printer icon when it turns green
  8. When your document status says 'Your job has been processed', it's ready at the Self Service Station at the library you printed to
  9. Go to the library's Self Service Station and enter your email address to release your print job
  10. Pay the fee and pick up your printing.

Note that if you're in the library when you print, it may take several minutes before your job can be released and printed.

Processed print jobs will be held for printing for 3 days.

You need to install the free PrinterOn app before you can print from your mobile device to library printers. Alternatively, you can access PrinterOn via the Wollongong City Libraries app. Download it via Google Play for Android devices or App Store for iOS devices.

Icon showing blue winged bird in centre on white background, surrounded by an orange, blue and green border

Look for the icon above, and follow the links below to download PrinterOn:

You can also visit the PrinterOn website for more information and help.

Once you've installed PrinterOn, follow these steps:

  1. Open the app and choose the item you want to print
  2. Tap 'No Printer Selected' and enter 'Wollongong' in the search box to find all seven Wollongong City Library locations
  3. Select your preferred library and printing option from the list (e.g. 'Warrawong A4 Colour Single Sided)
  4. Enter your email address
  5. Wait until 'Job success' status is displayed
  6. At the library you printed to, go to the Self Service Station
  7. Enter your email address to retrieve your print job
  8. Pay the fee and pick up your print job.

Note that if you're in the library when you print, it may take several minutes before your job can be released and printed.

Processed print jobs will be held for printing for 3 days.


We have photocopiers in our libraries for you to copy A4 or A3 documents in colour or black and white.

Photocopying costs are shown below.

Paper sizeBlack and whiteColour
A4 (single sided)20 cents40 cents
A4 (double sided)40 cents80 cents
A3 (single sided)40 cents80 cents
A3 (double sided)80 cents$1.60

Our photocopiers do not accept 50¢ coins. Please note, the copier on the ground floor at Wollongong Library cannot give change.


Scanners are available for use free of charge at all our libraries. They accept A4 single sheets, and files can be saved to USB or desktop on library PCs. You can also email scanned files to yourself.

You will need to log in to library computers to use our scanners.

Scanners are located at selected computers only, and locations vary at each library. Please see our staff if you need help locating scanners.

Wollongong Library also has devices that can scan microfilm, negatives and slides. To use this equipment, you will need to make a booking. See our staff at the service desk on Level 1 of the library to book.

USB drives

Forgot your USB drive? You can buy these at-cost from all of our libraries. Please see staff for details.

Device charging

Is your phone or tablet battery running low? All of our libraries have charging stations that are free to use. Each station features multiple Micro USB, USB-C and Lightning cables which are suitable for most current devices.

Charging stations are provided courtesy of the Friends of the Wollongong City Library.

Sewing machines

We have sewing machines available at Wollongong Library which you can use to make your own clothes, bags, soft furnishings and more.

For your safety, you must do an induction before you can use our sewing machines. Please contact Wollongong Library for details or email us.

3D printers

Please note: 3D printing is currently unavailable. Please contact Wollongong Library if you would like to express your interest and to be contacted once the 3D printing services resumes.

When running, an induction is required before you can use the 3D printing service unsupervised.