Computers and Internet Access


All our libraries have computers that you can use for free for word processing, to check your email, or to go online. Computers are available on a 'first come, first served' basis.

You will need to log in to the computer using your library membership details, and accept our conditions of use. If you're not a member, ask library staff to set up a guest membership that will give you access to computers.

Computer sessions time out after one hour. As long as nobody else is waiting to use the computer, you can ask library staff for a time extension.

You can also print, scan and copy at our libraries.

Internet and WiFi

You can access the internet for free using the library's computers, or by connecting your own device to our WiFi hotspots.

Here's how to use our free WiFi:

  • Make sure WiFi is turned on in settings
  • Your device should automatically pick up our wireless signal
  • Look for Library Free WiFi and accept our terms of use
  • Open a browser and search for a service

Speed of wireless connection can slow down with distance from the access point and number of users. Try moving around the library to improve connection.

You should also consider the safety of others when using electrical cords. Do not string or run cords across public traffic areas. We have cable covers available, so please ask staff if you need one.

Headphones and USB drives

We have headphones and USB drives available for purchase at-cost at all of our libraries. Please see staff for details.

Device charging

Is your phone or tablet battery running low? All of our libraries have charging stations that are free to use. Each station features multiple Micro USB, USB-C and Lightning cables which are suitable for most current devices.

Charging stations are provided courtesy of the Friends of the Wollongong City Library.