Using Our Computers and Internet

Below are the conditions you must follow, and information you should be aware of, when using the library's computers or internet.

You can access the internet using the library's computers, or by connecting your own device to our WiFi hotspots. Computers and WiFi are available at all of our library locations.

When using our computers and/or internet, you must:

  • Be a current or guest member of Wollongong City Libraries
  • Not infringe copyright laws, censorship laws and licencing agreement
  • Not use the internet or library computers for any illegal or irresponsible activity
  • Not display indecent or offensive material on the screen
  • Not attempt to corrupt software or damage equipment
  • Be considerate of others and use headphones when playing sound files.

Wollongong City Libraries accepts no responsibility for:

  • Technical problems, including accessing sites or saving documents
  • Damage to any devices used, including virus transmission, pop-ups or spyware
  • The safety or security of any transactions you carry out online
  • The accuracy or appropriateness of any information you access online.

You understand and agree that:

  • Parents or guardians are responsible for supervising a child's access to the internet
  • Wollongong City Libraries does not guarantee connection or access to any site
  • Connection speeds may vary
  • Library computers are cleared of all personal data and website browsing history at the end of each session
  • The library does not monitor or filter information accessed through the internet
  • We respect your right to privacy, however the library may be required to provide internet logs to officers legally empowered to investigate use of the internet where there are reasonable grounds for that officer to suspect illegal use
  • You will not be able to access library computers or internet if you have items that are overdue by 28 days or more
  • Unacceptable conduct may lead to the suspension of library privileges
  • Library staff are not able to provide technical assistance.

You must accept these conditions each time you log in to library computers.