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Wollongong City Council


Below are some important things you need to do as a responsible cat owner.

Make sure your cat is registered, and that you keep their details up to date.

See our Pet Registration page for more information.

Identify your cat with a collar and tag.

Putting a cat bell on their collar can also help reduce the chance of them attacking smaller animals.

It’s recommended that you desex your cat to stop unwanted litters and reduce the chance of your cat straying or fighting.  It’s also cheaper to register a desexed cat.

Talk to your vet if you need more information.

Animal Welfare League Illawarra offers discounted desexing of female cats for owners with a Centrelink pension or low income Health Care Card. For more information, call (02) 4272 9427 or (02) 4261 1686.

It’s not compulsory to keep your cat indoors, but it’s a good idea, especially at night.

Cats tend to roam when outdoors. Keeping your cat inside keeps them safe, prevents harm to wildlife, and reduces problems with your neighbours.

Remember, you are responsible for any damage your cat does to someone else’s property.

You can also be fined if your cat enters a wildlife protection area, or goes within 10 metres of a public place where food is prepared or eaten.

If you have a problem with a cat making excessive noise or damaging property, you can report it to Council.