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Wollongong City Council

Contracts Register - Class 2

Please note, the contracts register below is current up to 30 June 2021.

Due to temporary technical difficulties, updates of this register are not possible. Please email or call Council on (02) 4227 7111 for information about contracts after 30 June 2021.

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Contract NumberContract Number Contract DescriptionContract Description Start DateStart Date End DateEnd Date
Contract NumberE5696 Contract DescriptionParking Metre Ticket Machine Maintenance and Ancillary Services Start Date01 Jul 2021 End Date30 Jun 2024
Contract NumberLE14318 Contract DescriptionPost BillPay Agreement Start Date01 Oct 2020 End Date01 Oct 2023
Contract NumberLE14379 Contract DescriptionLease of Premises known as Suite 1, Level 1, 67-71 King Street, Warrawong NSW Start Date02 Aug 2020 End Date01 Aug 2023
Contract NumberT19/03A Contract DescriptionPrincipal Design Consultant (Architect) for Warrawong Community Centre and Library Start Date02 Mar 2020 End Date30 Jun 2022
Contract NumberLE13799 Contract DescriptionPart Lot 102 DP 847615 Springhill Road Coniston Start Date01 Mar 2020 End Date28 Feb 2025
Contract NumberISJO 02/2018 Contract DescriptionLandfill Gas Management System Start Date10 Dec 2019 End Date10 Dec 2039
Contract NumberLE14225 Contract DescriptionLot A DP 163914 and Lot 1 DP 998751 - 283 - 285 Keira Street Wollongong Start Date01 Dec 2019 End Date30 Nov 2023
Contract NumberTE0179 Contract DescriptionSea Salt on Bulli Beach - Café/Kiosk and Residence - Part Folio identifer 68/1102884 being Kiosk 1 at Lot 68 Trinity Row, Bulli Start Date02 Nov 2019 End Date01 Dec 2024
Contract NumberT19/04 Contract DescriptionSupply and Install Wisemans Park Sports Field Lighting Start Date16 Sep 2019 End Date16 Sep 2022
Contract NumberTE1249 Contract DescriptionLot 37 of DP534848 being 257 Keira Street, Wollongong Start Date01 May 2019 End Date31 Dec 2023
Contract NumberE5125 Contract DescriptionICT Capital Asset Replacement Program - Multi function Devices Start Date29 May 2018 End Date29 May 2023
Contract NumberTE189 Contract Description277 Keira Street Wollongong, Lot 200 DP857693 Start Date01 Dec 2015 End Date30 Nov 2023
Contract NumberTE1285 Contract DescriptionPart Lot 1 DP1083116 Bulli known as Sublime Point Kiosk Start Date01 Jul 2015 End Date31 Dec 2021
Contract NumberTE1361 Contract DescriptionKembla Terraces - Units 6 & 7, 74 Kembla Street Wollongong Part 402/19826 Start Date14 Apr 2014 End Date14 Apr 2024
Contract NumberTE1350 Contract DescriptionSouthern Gateway - Gelato Emporium ( Sub Lease) - Gateway Centre within Reserve 1004388 Start Date01 Jul 2013 End Date30 Jun 2023
Contract NumberTE227 Contract DescriptionWollongong Surf Leisure Resort DP730059 Lot 501 Towradgi Start Date01 Jul 2013 End Date01 Jul 2022
Contract NumberTE114 Contract DescriptionStuart Park, Wollongong - Lagoon Restaurant, George Hanley Drive Pt Lot 2 DP 228880 Stuart Park Kiosk Lagoon Start Date11 Jul 2006 End Date10 Jul 2026
Contract NumberTE06 Contract DescriptionGlennifer Brae and Outbuildings, Identifier 3/252694 Manor House and Buildings A, B, C, D Start Date01 Jul 2003 End Date30 Jun 2023
Contract NumberTE14 Contract DescriptionGeorge Hanley Drive Pt Lot 2 Dp 228880 North Beach Kiosk Lease including Diggies - Crinis Lot 70 DP 751299 North Beach Kiosk/Rest-Cliff Road Wollongong - Diggies Start Date01 May 2003 End Date30 Apr 2023
Contract NumberLE5297 Contract DescriptionLease: Wollongong City Council from Dapto Agricultural and Horticultural Society Incorporated Dapto Ribonwood Centre Start Date01 Jul 1999 End Date30 Jul 2029