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Wollongong City Council

Current Leases and Licences

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LeaseLease NameName Start DateStart Date Stop DateStop Date
LeaseTE1635 NamePart Ian McLennan Park Kembla Grange - Football South Coast Start Date11/02/2019 Stop Date10/02/2040
LeaseTE1366 NameCommunity Garden - Lot 21 DP 207180 Church Street Balgownie Start Date1/04/2019 Stop Date31/03/2024
LeaseTE44 NamePigeon Clubhouse Cnr Anne and John Street, Gwynneville Start Date1/01/2019 Stop Date30/12/2024
LeaseTE306 NameThomas Gibson Park, Station Street, Thirroul Start Date1/10/2018 Stop Date30/09/2023
LeaseTE1541 NamePort Kembla SLSC part Lot 1 DP 392759, Part Lot 1 DP 1089050 Cowper St Start Date1/09/2018 Stop Date31/08/2039
LeaseTE147 NamePark J J Kelly Park Wollongong - amenities Collegians Changerooms Start Date1/07/2018 Stop Date30/06/2023
LeaseTE26 NamePart of Hollymount Park, Woonona - Woonona Pony Clubhouse Start Date1/05/2018 Stop Date30/04/2023
LeaseTE1346 NameThomas Gibson Park Thirroul for 4 lighting towers, pipe and rail spectator fence, permitter fencing and 2 shipping containers Start Date1/05/2018 Stop Date30/04/2023
LeaseTE152 NameCorrimal Pool Short Street Corrimal - Clubrooms and Storage Shed Start Date1/05/2018 Stop Date30/04/2023
LeaseTE1595 NameLot 1 DP 860110 Factory Road, Unanderra - Vox FM Start Date1/04/2018 Stop Date31/03/2028
LeaseTE33 NameElizabeth Park, Bellambi - Soccer Amenities Block Start Date1/01/2018 Stop Date31/12/2027
LeaseTE1572 NameLakelands Oval, Lakelands Drive Dapto Part Lot 112 DP 30882 - 7 lighting towers and canteen building Start Date1/01/2018 Stop Date31/12/2022
LeaseTE55 NamePart of JJ Kelly Park Keira Street, Wollongong Soccer Complex Start Date1/01/2018 Stop Date31/12/2022
LeaseTE1546 NameHealth Centre building - 17 Princes Highway Fairy Meadow Start Date8/12/2017 Stop Date7/12/2022
LeaseTE1523 NameWebb Park Kanahooka - Soccer Club for lighting poles Start Date1/08/2017 Stop Date31/07/2022
LeaseTE93 NameNorth Dalton Park, Pioneer Rd Fairy Meadow - AFL Amenities Start Date1/08/2017 Stop Date31/07/2027
LeaseTE1289 NameCommunity Garden at Lot 26 DP 1097354 High Street Reserve High Street Thirroul Start Date1/07/2017 Stop Date30/06/2022
LeaseTE1493 NameBulli Show Pavilion and Bulli Show Poultry Pavilion at Bulli Showground Start Date1/04/2017 Stop Date31/03/2022
LeaseTE0094 NameBerkeley Baby & Family Health Clinic, Winnima Way, Berkeley Start Date1/03/2017 Stop Date28/02/2019
LeaseTE1491 NameMobile food van located at Bald Hill, Otford Road, Stanwell Tops Start Date2/12/2016 Stop Date1/12/2021
LeaseTE1492 NameKeira Oval Pavilion Start Date1/11/2016 Stop Date30/09/2026
LeaseTE1270 NameHollymount Park Woonona - Cricket Clubhouse Start Date1/10/2016 Stop Date30/09/2021
LeaseTE1197 NameHollymount Park Woonona - Licence of Part Lot 1 DP 517577 - clubroom and 4 lighting towers Start Date1/10/2016 Stop Date30/09/2021
LeaseTE156 NameThomas Gibson Park Thirroul - Thirroul Soccer Club - Licence of four lighting towers Start Date1/07/2016 Stop Date30/06/2021
Lease0 NameScout Hall - Harry Henson Park, Lot 3 Sec 5 DP448463 Robson Street, Corrimal Start Date1/07/2016 Stop Date30/06/2025