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Wollongong City Council

Disclosure Log

Our Disclosure Log lists information provided by Council in response to Formal Access Applications under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009.

Applications that are likely to be of interest to members of the public are listed below. Only non-personal information is shown.

To request a copy of any information below, call us on (02) 4227 7111 or write to the mailing address in the footer of this site. Please quote the reference number for the item you're interested in.

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ReferenceReference Decision DateDecision Date Information ProvidedInformation Provided YearYear
ReferenceGCS- Decision Date11/03/2022 Information ProvidedZoning and development applications relating to 33-35 Farm Road Kembla Grange Year2022
ReferenceGCS- Decision Date10/01/2022 Information ProvidedInformation relating to 3 Cloverfield Place Horsley Year2022
ReferenceGIPA-2022/1 Decision Date8/06/2022 Information ProvidedTrip and Fall at Dapto Mall Year2022
ReferenceGCS- Decision Date8/03/2022 Information ProvidedCCTV Footage at the intersection of Keira and Crown Streets Wollongong 29 January 2022 Year2022
ReferenceGIPA-2022/11 Decision Date7/07/2022 Information ProvidedCCTV of damaged sign at SpecSavers Wollongong Crown Street Mall Year2022
ReferenceGIPA-2022/2 Decision Date7/06/2022 Information ProvidedCCTV for motor vehicle accident at corner of Station and Crown Streets Wollongong -21 May 2022 Year2022
ReferenceGCS- Decision Date6/01/2022 Information ProvidedCCTV Footage of Thirroul Library Car Park Year2022
ReferenceGIPA-2022/12 Decision Date5/08/2022 Information ProvidedDevelopment documentation for 53 Kemblwarra Road Warrawong Year2022
ReferenceGIPA-2022/9 Decision Date4/08/2022 Information ProvidedContamination report of a private residence - Berkeley Year2022
ReferenceGIPA-2022/14 Decision Date3/08/2022 Information ProvidedTrip and Fall - Wollongong Town Hall - 31 May 2022 Year2022
ReferenceGCS- Decision Date11/08/2021 Information ProvidedDevelopment documentaiton relating to Coledale Community Centre Year2021
ReferenceGCS- Decision Date11/06/2021 Information ProvidedDog Attack 4 March 2021 - CR0051335 Year2021
ReferenceGCS- Decision Date11/04/2021 Information ProvidedInformation relating to DA-2020/1249 Year2021
ReferenceGCS- Decision Date8/10/2021 Information ProvidedCCTV Request - Motor Vehicle Incident Crown Street Wollongong 16 September 2021 Year2021
ReferenceGCS- Decision Date8/07/2021 Information ProvidedCopy of the Elton Report that supported a Planning Proposal at 335 Lawrence Hargrave Drive Clifton Year2021
ReferenceGCS- Decision Date8/06/2021 Information ProvidedTrip and Fall - 84-90 Smith Street Wollongong - 1 January 2016 to date Year2021
ReferenceGCS- Decision Date8/04/2021 Information ProvidedWollongong Flooding and Drainage Management Study Year2021
ReferenceGCS- Decision Date8/02/2021 Information ProvidedProvision of Rates Information Year2021
ReferenceGCS- Decision Date8/01/2021 Information ProvidedSlip and Fall Globe Lane 14 July 2020 Year2020
ReferenceGCS- Decision Date7/09/2021 Information ProvidedDevelopment documentation 138 Windang Road Windang Year2021