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MatterMatter MatterDevelopment of Wollongong Harbour
Date AdoptedDate Adopted Date Adopted27/10/2008
Responsible OfficerResponsible Officer Responsible OfficerManager Environmental Strategy & Planning
DivisionDivision DivisionCity Strategy
Position StatementPosition Statement Position StatementDEVELOPMENT PRINCIPLES1. Wollongong Harbour and foreshore can support a mix of uses, including passive and active recreation, tourism, commercial development, moorings, commercial fishing and marine industries.
2. Any future development:
a.  Should enhance and not restrict public and recreational access and experiences. Public access along the foreshore is critical;
b.  Should ensure that the visual amenity of the public domain is maintained by preserving significant public views of the spectacular coastline, local landmarks, and the major heritage items on the site;
c.  Should enhance public open spaces – both passive and active spaces;
d.  Should conserve and showcase the Heritage items and fabric of the Harbour;
e.  Should contribute to the improvement of public infrastructure in the area; and
f.  Should be environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.
3.  Flagstaff Hill should remain a remote headland for passive recreation and is not suitable for any significant level of development.
4.  Brighton Lawn should be retained as open space and no further encroachments should be made on the visual connection of the old courthouse to the lighthouse and harbour.
Background/HistoryBackground/History Background/HistoryLetter to Dept Lands 28/10/08 TRIM Ref 081113/42179
Wollongong Harbour and the surrounding foreshore area is a public space with unparalleled importance in the City. The Harbour contains various items of historical and cultural significance. It has important values for both Aboriginal and European heritage alike.
The traditional use of the Harbour is changing. Whilst the harbour’s origins were based on the coal export and the fishing industry, today there are more commercial charter boats than fishing boats. The Harbour’s public infrastructure is aging and improvements are required to ensure the safety of users and to encourage greater use of the area.

Possible development of the area has been instigated by the Department of Lands seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI) from the private sector. The challenge for any redevelopment of the Harbour will be to preserve the essential harbour activities such as moorings, unloading facilities, slipways, fishing, the heritage items and managing the overall cultural and physical heritage values as a whole whilst opening up the precinct to a wider range of compatible uses for recreation, tourism and community purposes.
Review with election of new Council