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Wollongong City Council

Pet Registration

Dogs and cats have to be microchipped and registered.

Your vet can microchip your pet. This has to be done before you register your animal.

Both cats and dogs should be microchipped before they’re 12 weeks old, or when they go to a new owner – whichever happens first.

Your pet needs to be registered before they are six months old.

Register your pet on the NSW Pet Registry website, or use a hard copy form PDF, 167.16 KB and return it to Council.

You will have to pay a one-off fee to register your pet.

Current registration fees are shown on the Office of Local Government website.

Working dogs and greyhounds registered under the Greyhound Racing Act generally don’t need to be microchipped or registered.

Cats born before 1 July 1999 don't have to be registered as long as they don’t change owners, but it’s still recommended that you microchip them.

See the Office of Local Government website for more information.

You need to update your pet’s details when:

  • Your pet is given or sold to a new owner – update within 14 days
  • Your pet goes missing for more than three days – update within four days
  • You move house – update within 14 days
  • Your pet dies – update within 28 days.

Update your details on the NSW Pet Registry website, or with Council using the hard copy form PDF, 143.08 KB.