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Wollongong City Council

Current Leases and Licences

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LeaseLease NameName Start DateStart Date Stop DateStop Date
LeaseTE202 NameScout Hall Lot 273 DP 15174 Grandview Parade Lake Heights Start Date1/07/2016 Stop Date30/06/2025
LeaseTE154 NameScout Hall at Baden Powell Park, Meades Avenue, Fernhill & Harry Henson Park Corrimal Start Date1/07/2016 Stop Date30/06/2025
LeaseTE132 NameBeaton Park Tennis Club Foley Road Wollongong Car Park & Clubhouse Start Date1/01/2016 Stop Date31/12/2020
LeaseTE1441 NameWindang Memorial Park Judbooley Parade Windang Venetian Carnival Start Date7/12/2015 Stop Date31/01/2020
LeaseTE67 NamePart Robert Ziems Park, Short Street, Corrimal - Rugby League Start Date7/03/2015 Stop Date6/03/2028
LeaseTE0059 NameBeaton Park Leisure Centre Pool - Competitive Swim Coaching Start Date1/10/2015 Stop Date30/09/2020
LeaseTE1435 NameFigtree Baby & Family Health Centre 9 Princes Hwy Figtree Start Date1/10/2015 Stop Date30/09/2018
LeaseTE285 NameOcean Park Woonona - four fields and part of amenities block Start Date1/10/2015 Stop Date30/09/2020
LeaseTE173 NameDalton Park Fairy Meadow - Amenities block and lighting towers Start Date1/08/2015 Stop Date31/07/2025
LeaseTE1433 NameLot 26 & Lot 25 DP38426 - 141-143 The Avenue Figtree, Collegians Rugby League Football Club Inc Start Date1/08/2015 Stop Date31/07/2020
LeaseTE101 NameUnanderra Park - Soccer Fields and Amenities Block Start Date1/06/2015 Stop Date31/05/2020
LeaseTE140 NamePart of Lindsay Mayne Park, Unanderra - Unanderra Velodrome Start Date1/06/2015 Stop Date31/05/2020
LeaseTE32 NameJudy Masters Park at Para Street, Balgownie - use of No 1 Ground Start Date1/01/2015 Stop Date31/12/2024
LeaseTE1054 NamePart Lang Park Wollongong - for school sports to St Mary's College Start Date1/01/2015 Stop Date31/12/2019
LeaseTE16 NameSailing Club premises Public Garden and Recreation Space at Lot 3 DP545172 Kanahooka Road, Dapto Start Date1/01/2015 Stop Date31/12/2019
LeaseTE0179 NameBulli Beach kiosk/restaurant Trinity Road Bulli Start Date2/11/2014 Stop Date1/11/2024
LeaseTE0066 NameIllawarra Historical Museum 11 Market Street Wollongong Start Date1/11/2014 Stop Date31/10/2019
LeaseTE0046 NamePart Ocean Park Campbell Street Woonona - Shamrocks Start Date1/10/2014 Stop Date30/09/2019
LeaseTE36 NamePart Public Reserve at the corner of Swan Street and Springhill Road, Wollongong - Vikings Start Date1/07/2014 Stop Date30/06/2035
LeaseTE139 NameWestern Suburbs Pool - Clubrooms Start Date1/06/2014 Stop Date31/05/2019
LeaseTE174 NameHarry Graham Park Figtree - Figtree Junior Soccer Start Date1/05/2014 Stop Date30/04/2019
LeaseTE1415 NameFred Finch Park Berkeley - Baseball Start Date1/05/2014 Stop Date30/04/2019
LeaseTE20 NamePart JJ Kelly Park Swan Street Wollongong - Dog Training Start Date1/04/2014 Stop Date31/03/2019
LeaseTE35 NamePart Lot 10 DP258571 Public Reserve off O'Briens Road, Figtree - Pony Clubhouse Start Date1/01/2014 Stop Date31/12/2018
LeaseTE187 NameDapto Swimming Pool - Clubrooms Start Date1/01/2014 Stop Date31/12/2018