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MatterMatter MatterSouth Coast Rail Upgrades
Date AdoptedDate Adopted Date Adopted22/07/2018
Responsible OfficerResponsible Officer Responsible OfficerGeneral Manager
DivisionDivision DivisionOffice of General Manager
Position StatementPosition Statement Position StatementEndorses the resolutions of the public meeting of South Coast commuters on 28 May 2018
Background/HistoryBackground/History Background/HistoryMinute #88
Notice of Motion of Councillor C Blakey
On 28 May 2018 there was a “Public meeting calling for better rail services on the South Coast line” at the Wollongong Tennis Club attended by over 100 local residents, which unanimously endorsed the following meeting resolutions.

“This meeting of concerned Illawarra residents and rail commuters wants our politicians and the Government to know that we have a vision for our rail service. Our vision is that:
Wollongong is a City that is properly connected; Illawarra residents travelling to and from Sydney can expect a seated train trip, complete with Wi-Fi, faster travel times and good local connections; all stations are accessible, and our trains are safe and clean, and have working amenities.

This meeting of concerned Illawarra residents and rail commuters resolves that the following are our short, medium, and long-term goals for improving rail services to the Illawarra:

Short Term (within 12 months):

Extra carriages are added to all overcrowded 4 carriage services

•  The new fleet due to arrive in 2019 will have more seating    
   capacity than current services to deal with current issues of  
   overcrowding and allow for population growth. It should also 
   have reversible seating.

• Mobile phone reception on the South Coast Line will be
   improved (note this is an issue of safety and still needs to be
   addressed adequately after the Waterfall incident).

• All Illawarra train stations will be accessible.

• Printed timetables to be available to passengers.

• Investigation of additional express stops will occur.

• Increased frequency of services and better local connections.
• Bus services will be integrated with rail.

• There will be space for luggage on trains.

Medium Term (within 4 years):

• All services will have Wi-Fi.

• Completion of the Maldon–Dombarton Freight Line.

• Platform extensions of short platforms.

• Line improvements including improving curvature, high speed
   turnouts and more crossovers. Tilt trains investigated.

Long Term (within 8 years):

• A tunnel from Thirroul to Waterfall.

• A high-speed rail connection runs between Sydney and the

This meeting of concerned Illawarra residents and rail commuters wants the Government and our politicians to know that only when these things have been done will it mean that you have
truly listened to the Illawarra community.”
Review with election of new Council