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Wollongong City Council

Council Policies

Council policies explain the way we work and make decisions.

Our policies are regularly updated, and we generally invite the community to comment on new policies, or changes to existing policies, before they are put into place.

Our current policies are shown below.

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Type Name Function Date Adopted File Size
PDF File Privacy Management Plan Council Governance 25 June 2018 143.9 KB
PDF File Procedures for Administration of the Codes of Conduct.pdf Council Governance 16 November 2020 457.0 KB
PDF File Procedures for the Administration of the Codes of Conduct Council Governance 27 May 2019 220.9 KB
PDF File Professional Conduct Investigation Council Governance 30 October 2017 97.4 KB
PDF File Property Addressing Roads & Related Infrastructure 1 February 2016 46.0 KB
PDF File Public Access to Documents and Information held by Council Council Governance 11 December 2017 56.4 KB
PDF File Public Art Planning, Building & Development Services 27 June 2016 46.4 KB
PDF File Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance Coverage For Council Delegates Council Governance 26 June 2017 56.5 KB
PDF File Public Private Partnerships Council Properties 24 September 2018 335.0 KB
PDF File Public Tree Management Trees 23 July 2018 120.0 KB
PDF File Recruitment of External Members to Committees Council Governance 20 November 2017 52.4 KB
PDF File Reduction or Waiver of Hire Fees for Community Rooms and Halls under the Direct Control of Council Community Services 17 July 2017 36.3 KB
PDF File Reduction or Waiver of Library Fees and Fines Community Services 17 July 2017 43.2 KB
PDF File Related Party Disclosure Council Governance 12 December 2016 146.0 KB
PDF File Risk Management Framework Council Governance 31 August 2020 124.6 KB
PDF File Road Naming Roads & Related Infrastructure 19 November 2018 58.2 KB
PDF File School Use of Council Swimming Pools Parks Reserves & Recreation Services 25 June 2018 45.8 KB
PDF File Shared Sportsfields Parks Reserves & Recreation Services 14 March 2016 37.4 KB
PDF File Single Use Plastics Council Managed Events 25 September 2018 52.2 KB
PDF File Smoke-free Recreation Areas Health 9 December 2019 48.3 KB