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Wollongong City Council


We resurface and rebuild local roads across Wollongong to keep them in good condition and extend their life.

Current roadworks

Roadworks planned for the week beginning Mon 4 December 2023 are shown below.

SuburbSuburb Street/s or locationStreet/s or location
SuburbAustinmer Street or locationHill Street
SuburbDapto Street or locationAvondale Road
SuburbDapto Street or locationMarshall Street (#53 to Cleveland Road)
SuburbDapto Street or locationGlenview Street
SuburbDapto Street or locationBright Parade
SuburbDapto Street or locationBundarra Place
SuburbDapto Street or locationReeves Way
SuburbDapto Street or locationGentles Avenue
SuburbKoonawarra Street or locationChuringa Circle (Wabba Place to Churinga Circle)
SuburbLake Heights Street or locationLake Heights Road
SuburbNorth Wollongong Street or locationMontague Street (Bourke Street to Puckeys Avenue)
SuburbUnanderra Street or locationThornbury Avenue / Shaftesbury Avenue

Types of roadworks

Not every road is the same age or built from the same material. This is why we need to treat them all differently. We have lots of different treatment methods that we use to build, repair, and maintain our roads.

Our Geotech Engineers test each of our roads to determine what treatment is the best.

Pick an option below to learn about the different ways we work on roads.

Bad weather

When it rains, we can’t complete our roadworks. Sometimes we need to delay our program because of weather, but we will always reschedule works for another date.

Traffic control, detours and delays

All roadwork is done with the support of traffic control. This may be ‘stop/slow’ arrangements or detours and road closures.

Please pay attention to signs and follow instructions. Depending on the type of work being completed we may or may not be able to allow vehicle access to properties.

Our traffic control will always allow access for emergency services, so please don't worry about this.

If your street is on a bus route, we work with the bus company to minimise delays.

We'll also work to allow access for your kerbside bins to be collected.

Questions about roadworks

If you have any questions about roadworks, please get in touch with either:

When is my street due for resurfacing?

We have a plan for resurfacing roads that looks a few years ahead at a time. You can check if your street is on the list by looking at our Future Works and Projects page. This program is a guide only, and sometimes we need to rearrange the schedule due to things like unplanned road works or bad weather interrupting our schedule.

You'll get a notice in your letterbox shortly before works start on your street.

You can also find work that's underway or about to happen on our Current Works and Projects page.