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Wollongong City Council

Wollongong 2028

Wollongong 2028 is our community strategic plan.

This plan guides everything that Council does. It explains the goals we’re working towards over the next 10 years, and how we’ll achieve them.

We’re working to deliver this plan in partnership with our wider community, and other organisations and government bodies.

There are multiple parts to our community strategic plan. These include:

Our vision and goals

From the mountains to the sea, we value and protect our natural environment and we will be leaders in building an educated, creative and connected community.

To achieve this vision, we are focusing on six community goals: and

  1. We value and protect our environment
  2. We have an innovative and sustainable economy
  3. We have a creative, vibrant city
  4. We are a connected and engaged community
  5. We have a healthy community in a liveable city
  6. We have affordable and accessible transport.
Wollongong 2028 supporting documents
Type Name File Size
PDF File Our-Wollongong-2028-Community-Indicator-Dictionary.pdf 3.6 MB
PDF File Our-Wollongong-2028-Community-Engagement-Report.pdf 981.8 KB
Past Community Strategic Plan documents
Type Name File Size
PDF File Delivery-Program-2018-2021-Operational-Plan-2019-2020.pdf 33.9 MB
PDF File Operational-and-Capital-Budget-2019-2022.pdf 4.3 MB
PDF File Revenue-Policy,-Fees-and-Charges-2019-2020.pdf 6.2 MB
PDF File Draft-Infrastructure-Delivery-Program-2019-2020-to-2022-2023.pdf 4.8 MB
PDF File Revised-Delivery-Program-2018-2022-and-Operational-Plan-2020-2021-Adopted.PDF 49.6 MB
PDF File Attachment-1-2020-2023-Operational-and-Capital-Budget.PDF 4.1 MB
PDF File Attachment-2-Infrastructure-Delivery-Program-2020-2021-to-2023-2024.pdf 3.4 MB
PDF File Attachment-3-Revenue-Policy,-Fees-and-Charges-2020-2021.PDF 6.3 MB
PDF File Community-Engagement-Strategy-for-the-Community-Strategic-Plan-2011.pdf 173.1 KB
PDF File Wollongong-2022-Community-Strategic-Plan.pdf 1.8 MB
PDF File Wollongong-2022-Engagement-Report.pdf 5.6 MB
PDF File Wollongong-2022.-Community-Strategic-Plan-Summary.pdf 3.1 MB
PDF File Wollongong-2022.-Report-to-the-children-and-young-people-of-Wollongong.pdf 3.2 MB
PDF File Annual-Plan-2017-2018.pdf 852.8 KB
PDF File Budget-2017-2018.pdf 676.8 KB
PDF File Revenue-Policy,-Fees-and-Charges-2017-18.pdf 667.2 KB
PDF File Revised-Delivery-Program-2012-2017-adopted-17-February-2014.pdf 1.8 MB
PDF File Revised-Resourcing-Strategy-2012-2022-adopted-17-February-2014.pdf 2.5 MB
PDF File 2018-2021-Delivery-Program-and-Operational-Plan.pdf 36.2 MB
PDF File Operational-and-Capital-Budget-2018-2021.pdf 4.0 MB
PDF File Revenue-Policy,-Fees-and-Charges-2018-2019.pdf 7.8 MB

You can make an informal GIPA request to access copies of older reports and plans. See our Access to Information page for details.