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Wollongong City Council


After your development is approved you’ll need to appoint a Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) to oversee work. Every development site has to display a sign with the PCA’s details on it.

A PCA has to make sure everything is done correctly throughout a development, like:

  • Making sure the construction plans match the approval
  • Making sure the building work complies with the Building Code of Australia
  • Doing mandatory inspections during the construction
  • Dealing with complaints or issues related to the development
  • Doing a final inspection before issuing an Occupation Certificate.

Wollongong City Council offers a PCA service at competitive rates. The cost will depend on your project and how many inspections and certificates are required.

Use our the form below to appoint Council as your PCA.

Nomination of Council as Principal Certifying Authority  PDF, 41.51 KB

Private Certifiers must do the following things when overseeing development:

  • Make sure that the relevant development contributions have been paid to Council for every Complying Development Certificate (CDC) or Construction Certificate.
  • Notify Council of every certificate issued. Certifiers can lodge certificate advice online or in person.
  • Not allow all or part of a new building to be used unless an Occupation Certificate has been issued.
  • Only issue an Occupation Certificate if: 
    • each condition in the development consent or Complying Development Certificate has been met, and
    • all relevant development contributions have been paid to Council.
  • When certifiers tell us that an Occupation Certificate has been issued, they also need to provide all materials that accompanied the application. This includes receipts for payment of any development contributions.

Lodge certificate advice online

Private certifiers who are registered on our online system can use the links below to advise when a certificate has been issued.

If you're not registered yet, you will need to sign up online to use this system.