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Wollongong City Council

Construction Certificate for Subdivision Works

Before work starts, you need to apply for a Construction Certificate for subdivision works.

This application must be made by whoever has the benefit of the development consent. Usually this is the landowner.

You cannot start construction until the Construction Certificate for subdivision works has been issued by Council.

If your development consent does not say that a Construction Certificate for subdivision works is required, you can go straight to the Subdivision Certificate application step - see our Subdivision page for details.

This usually only applies for subdivisions that don’t involve construction work. If you’re unsure whether this applies to you, check your development consent, or call us on (02) 4227 7111.

Your Construction Certificate for subdivision works application must include detailed construction plans and supplementary documents or reports that show how your work will meet the conditions of your development consent.

You will need to include the following details:

  • All plans in an easy to read format. For large development sites with significant detail, plans must be plotted on A1.
  • An index of drawing sheets in either list or table form. For each item, include the plan name, reference, sheet number, revision number, date and details of who prepared the plan.
  • A cover report that addresses your development application's conditions of consent. Your report should have:
    • A brief description of how you’ve addressed each condition of your development consent
    • If applicable, details of any general matters or conditions required by external bodies such as Transport for NSW or NSW Rural Fire Service
    • References that clearly explain which reports and plans are included, and which conditions of consent each plan or report addresses.

When you’re preparing an application for a Subdivision Construction Certificate, you should check the documents below and reference them in your application:

We try to process your Construction Certificate for Subdivision Works application quickly to help you meet development timeframes.

Once your application has been assessed and found to be acceptable, we’ll send you the Construction Certificate and a stamped set of plans.

Current fees are shown below. Contact us if you would like a quote for the fees that apply to your specific site.

View fees for Subdivision Construction Certificates.

Use the form below to apply for a Construction Certificate for subdivision works and return it to Council with the relevant fees and attachments.

Application for Construction Certificate or to Modify a Construction Certificate - Subdivision  PDF, 122.67 KB