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Wollongong City Council

Local Environmental Plans

Local Environment Plans (LEPs) describe the different land zones in an area, such as residential, commercial or industrial land, and explain what type of development is allowed on each type of land zone.

LEPs also include some general rules such as how much of a block of land a house can take up, or how high buildings can be, and how big new blocks of land should be.

Local Environmental Plans (LEPs) are prepared by Council, and approved by the State Government. Once an LEP is approved, it becomes part of State law.

Wollongong LEP

The Wollongong LEP 2009 applies to the majority of the city, except for areas covered by the State Environmental Planning Policies.

Heritage items

Our LEP includes a list of almost 500 buildings, structures, trees, natural areas and other features in our area that have local or state heritage listing. Some of these are privately owned. Others are owned or cared for by Council or the NSW Government.

Special rules apply to development on, or near, heritage items. This is to make sure they’re properly looked after and kept around for future generations. If you're planning development relating to a heritage item, talk to us for development advice.

Areas not covered by our LEP

There are some areas in our city that don’t come under the LEP. These are considered State Significant Sites, and are directly controlled by State Environmental Planning Policies. They include:

  • The Port of Port Kembla
  • Sandon Point Release Area
  • Calderwood Release Area.