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Wollongong City Council

Flood Level Information

This application lets you know about past and expected flood levels for a property.

We don’t have this information for every property. Please call us on (02) 4227 7111 to confirm if flood information is available for your property before you apply. The application fee cannot be refunded if there is no information available for your property.

If flood information is available, 20% AEP (annual exceedance probability), 1% AEP and PMF (probable maximum flood) levels will be supplied.

Please allow approximately 10 working days for the information to be sent to you.


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Parent HierachyArea Fee NameFee Name GSTGST Current Fee (incl. GST)Current Fee (incl. GST)
Parent HierachyStormwater Services | Floodplain & Drainage Information Fee NameSupply of Council's flood models (per model) for available catchments. The supply of these models will be subject to a digital data licence agreement. GSTN Current Fee$2,215.00
Parent HierachyStormwater Services | Floodplain & Drainage Information Fee NameCopies of available Flood Studies and Floodplain Management Studies – cost per study GSTN Current Fee$168.00
Parent HierachyStormwater Services | Floodplain & Drainage Information Fee NameSupply of Site Specific Flood Information GSTN Current Fee$93.00

Register for certificate applications (optional)

You can register for an online account before applying for property certificates. Registering lets you save your details, save unfinished applications, and track your applications. We recommend this for people or businesses who need to make multiple requests.

You can still apply without setting up an account if you prefer.

Other flood information

You can find out if Council has identified your property as flood affected by getting a 10.7 (parts 2 and 5) Planning Certificate. See the Planning Certificate page for details.

You can also find information about floodplain management in Wollongong on our Floods and Stormwater page.