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Wollongong City Council

Minor Donations

Our Minor Donations program provides small contributions to people, groups and organisations from the City of Wollongong who enrich or positively represent our city.

Categories that are considered for Minor Donations include:

  • Being selected to represent our city in a recognised national or international event as a non-professional
  • Providing a valuable service to our community that would otherwise not exist
  • Being a not-for-profit organisation under the Charitable Fundraising Act.

This program is open to individuals, groups and organisations in the Wollongong City Council area that are involved in activities that don't fit within any of Council's other Financial Assistance programs.

If you're part of a group or team selected for a national or international event, and there are other people from the Wollongong area in that group or team, the request will be considered as a group. If successful, payment will be made to the team.

If multiple teams from our city are selected for the same national or international event, we will give preference to the highest qualifying team. If there's no clear difference, funds will be equally shared across all applicants.

You must apply using the form on this page.

Please submit your application no less than 4 weeks before your event to allow for processing time.

Have the following information ready to help your application:

  • A brief summary of the project you’re asking support for, including:
    • The project’s goals and objectives
    • Timeframes.
  • Information about you or your group/team, like ABN (if applicable), history or past achievements, and details of any other grants you’ve received.
  • A list of reasons why your project should be funded.
  • Any relevant attachments to support your application
  • If you're applying for support to participate in a national or international event, you'll need to demonstrate that your selection was based on a competitive process or officially recognised criteria, such as through qualifying events or a judging panel.

If your request is successful, you may be asked to invoice Council to receive payment.

Conflict of interest

When applying for this program, you must identify and declare if there is any actual, potential or perceived conflict of interest that could result from your application. You can read more about what is considered a conflict of interest in our Code of Conduct PDF, 614.07 KB.

Council will not grant a minor donation to groups or individuals whose activities or goals are in actual conflict with Council's policies.

Minor donations will not be provided for the activities below.

  • Participation in an event that has no merit-based qualification process (eg if entry is automatic by paying a fee)
  • Volunteering activities
  • Courses of study by individuals
  • Producing a publication or staging an exhibition
  • Activities that have already taken place

The following donation limits apply.

  • Individuals selected for national or international events: $250 maximum
  • Multiple individuals selected for a national or international event: $500 maximum in total
  • Qualification by a team who all live in the Wollongong City Council area: $750 maximum
  • All other donations: $250 maximum.

There is no closing date for applications but Council has a set budget for minor donations each year. Once the total budget limit is reached no further donations will be made until the next financial year, even if the applicant would otherwise be eligible for support.

Apply for a Minor Donation

Please use the button below to apply for a minor donation.

If you have a question about this program, email or call us on (02) 4227 7111.