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Wollongong City Council

Park and Beach Hire Conditions

Below are the terms and conditions that apply to all park and beach bookings on land managed by Wollongong City Council. Changes to these conditions can only be made if agreed to in writing by Council.

The term ‘you’ refers to the person hiring the space.

  1. You must use the hired space in a proper and orderly manner. You must not allow any damage to occur to the space. You cannot allow or do anything in the hired space that is a nuisance or disturbance to anyone else using the space legally, or to anyone on neighbouring land.
  2. While using the hired space, you must comply with any laws or regulations that apply to that space, including but not limited to any regulations shown on signage at the site.
  3. You must follow any directions given by authorised Council officers while using the site.
  4. Your hire agreement only covers the section of the site specified in the permit. It does not include any infrastructure, such as shelters, seating, trees or parking spaces.
  5. You must not erect or alter any structure on the site without Council’s written approval.
  6. You must get Council’s permission if you wish to dig any holes, or drive stakes, pegs, star pickets or bollards into the ground. You will also be required to use a service supply scanner to make sure there aren’t any services in the area where you wish to dig. A copy of this report must be given to Council before your booking.
  7. You must get Council’s written approval if you wish to use a public address system or sound system. The noise level produced by any sound system (L10) must not exceed the background noise level (L90) by more than 5 dB (A) when measured at the nearest residential boundary.The use of any sound system must finish by 9.30pm unless special approval is given by Council in writing.
  8. All food providers must be registered with the NSW Food Authority and comply with the Guidelines for food businesses at temporary events.
  9. You must not allow the sale of any drinks in glass containers or bottles.
  10. No vehicles are allowed on site without Council’s written permission. You are responsible for making sure you park legally at or near the venue in an approved space.
  11. If you need any keys from Council to access the site or facilities, contact us before your event on (02) 4227 7111. You will have to pay a bond for keys in line with our Fees and Charges (please refer to the Parks & Sportsfields section). This bond will be refunded if keys are returned by the due date.
  12. Council may require a garbage or damage bond for your event in line with our Fees and Charges (please refer to the Parks & Sportsfields section). This bond will be refunded to you once an inspection has been made to confirm there is no damage or garbage at the site after the booking.
  13. All applicable fees, bonds and insurances need to be received by Council at least two weeks before your booking.
  14. In the event of bad weather, you must follow any directions by Council staff to protect the site. This could include cancelling, rescheduling or relocating your booking.
  15. If your booking can’t go ahead due to bad weather, you can request a refund from Council of any fees paid. This request must be made within five working days of your booking. Refund requests must be made by writing to Council or using our online request form.
  16. Animals may only be involved in an activity as part of your booking if they are not banned from that area by law or Council regulation (for example, signage at the site). Any animals involved in your booking must be under the supervision of a responsible adult at all times, and be held in a secured roped area. You are responsible for removing any mess created by the animal/s from the site.
  17. Animals are not permitted on any beach within the City of Wollongong, except for dogs in designated off-leash areas. See our Dog Beaches and Parks page for more information.
  18. You must leave the space in a clean and tidy condition after your booking. All garbage must be removed from the site and disposed of in an approved waste collection area.
  19. Council may terminate your booking at any time if you do not comply with any of the above conditions. If this happens, you will be advised of the booking termination in writing.