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Wollongong City Council

Local Bike Tracks

Local bike tracks are a great place for young people and families to ride.

These dirt-based tracks are perfect for building your riding skills, or challenging yourself with jumps!

We have several local bike tracks in neighbourhoods across our Bike City.

Local bike track locations

Harry Graham Park, Figtree

Enter from Uralba Street or Risley Road.

This track has recently been refurbished. Please help us keep it in good condition and avoid closures by staying off the track in wet weather.

This popular bike track was created through the Carve a New Trail initiative, with the help of local children, young people and families. It caters for different rider levels, and is fenced for safety.

Dimond Bros Reserve, Horsley

Enter from Bong Bong Road

This track has recently been refurbished. Please help us keep it in good condition and avoid closures by staying off the track in wet weather.

This park has two dirt tracks for BMX and mountain bike riders. One is suitable for beginner riders, and the other is for intermediate to advanced riders.

Anama Street Reserve, Fairy Meadow

We've created two track at this reserve in Fairy Meadow based on community feedback. There's a smaller beginner track, plus a larger track with more challenging features for advanced riders.

Bulli Park, Bulli

Enter from Park Road or Ursula Road

We worked with specialist mountain bike trail company Iconic Trails to design the tracks at Bulli. There are two tracks at this location: a beginner track at the flatter top section of the park, and a downhill track for intermediate to advanced riders.

About our local bike tracks

A lot of work goes into creating our local bike tracks.

1. Choose a site

As a first step, we'll usually talk with the community about locations where we're thinking about adding a new track.

We try to make sure tracks are in locations that are easy for people to get to, and are spread out across our city to give more people the chance to enjoy them.

We also need to think about things like what's in the surrounding environment, and whether there are any built or natural heritage items in the proposed location that will need to be considered and protected.

2. Design

Once a site is chosen, we create a design for the track. In some cases, we'll work with specialist companies to get a great design.

We aim to design tracks to have multiple features that will suit a wide range of riders.

3. Build

We make sure we bring in good quality 'dirt' to build our local bike tracks. All of our sites use soil that is classified under NSW EPA guidelines as being free from building and demolition waste, such as Virgin Excavated Natural Material (VENM).

As tracks start to take shape, we know people get excited and want to ride on them as soon as possible. We ask that you please resist the temptation to use tracks until they're completely finished: it can be dangerous to you, and may slow down our building process if you ride on them before they're ready!

Council staff regularly inspect our local bike tracks to make sure they're safe.

You can also help us keep tracks in good condition in these ways:

  • If you notice a problem, please report it to us.
  • Stay off tracks when ground conditions are wet. As well as possibly being dangerous to you, riding on wet tracks can damage their surface.
  • Please don't dig on or around tracks, or try to alter the track surface in any way.

Whether you're starting out, or an experienced rider, we want these tracks to be fun and safe for everyone.

  • Ride a suitable bike for the track.
  • Wear a helmet. Gloves and pads are recommended.
  • Ride within your limits.
  • Supervise young and beginner riders.
  • All tracks ride in one direction – follow the traffic flow.
  • Keep off the track if you've stopped, or if you're watching.
  • Track conditions may change due to use and weather.
  • Don't alter the track in any way.
  • If the tracks are too wet, give it a miss. Riding on wet tracks can be dangerous, and can also damage the tracks.
  • Take turns and look out for each other. Remember you may be sharing the track with riders of different skills levels.
  • Please bring your own water bottle.

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