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Wollongong City Council

Transport Improvements

If you have a suggestion for how Council can improve transport in our city, we want to hear from you.

By sharing your first-hand experience, you can help us plan to improve facilities for people walking, rolling, riding, driving and using public transport.

Use the button below to make a suggestion, or keep reading to learn more about how we manage transport across the Wollongong area.

Council works to improve and maintain assets across our city that help people of all ages and abilities get around. This includes active transport options like walking and cycling, as well as driving and public transport.


We build and maintain local footpaths, shared paths, cycleways and roads.

Our transport program also includes traffic facilities such as public car parks, bus stops, roundabouts, pedestrian crossings, street signs, some traffic signals, speed cushions and other road safety features.

In recent years, we've also added more 'end of journey' facilities, like bike parking, water stations and similar features to support more people to ride and walk.

Information and education

We have several programs to help people be safer riders, drivers and walkers. Our road safety programs include education for learner drivers, cyclists, and people driving around school zones.

Wollongong is also proud to be the first city in the southern hemisphere to become a UCI Bike CityThis label recognises our long-term commitment to cycling, and educating people about the many benefits of riding bikes.

Working with other agencies

Council is not the only authority that looks after transport in our city.

We work with several other agencies who are also responsible for managing transport in our region, such as Transport for NSW, Police and local bus companies.

Council has an Infrastructure Delivery Program (IDP), which is a four-year plan for projects we'll be working on. Many different types of transport projects are included in this plan.

Our IDP is updated every year.

We're now inviting feedback on our future IDP until 31 May 2022. See our Future Plans page for details.

When making decisions about what will get included in this plan, we take a lot of things into consideration. This can include:

  • Feedback from our community
  • Available budgets
  • Balancing projects across different parts of our city
  • Priorities for safety and accessibility
  • Improving connections between different types of transport
  • Information like traffic volumes, speeding concerns, crash data, road conditions, and changes in housing and businesses that might affect how people use transport
  • Advice from other authorities, like Police
  • Advice from Council's transport-related committees and groups, including our:

Your feedback is an important part of our planning and decision-making process to improve transport across Wollongong.

All suggestions will be considered by Council's traffic and transport experts, within the bigger picture of our plans for improving transport.

In some cases, we may be able to take action fairly quickly to make an improvement. In other cases, it may take longer for things to happen, or we may not be able to meet your request.

If your suggestion relates to something that's not managed by Council - such as a major road under the control of Transport for NSW - we'll either pass your feedback on to the right people, or let you know who to contact.