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Wollongong City Council

Floodplain Committees

Our Floodplain Risk Management Committees give advice to Council on the preparation and implementation of flood management plans for catchments within the Wollongong Local Government Area (LGA). The Committees include people interested in the sustainable management of floodplains in our area.

There is one committee each for our northern, central and southern areas.

You can read more about these groups in the Floodplain Risk Management Committees Charter PDF, 69.43 KB.

Members of each Floodplain Risk Management Committee include:

  • Up to three Councillors
  • Council staff with engineering, planning and environmental skills to give technical advice as needed
  • Representatives from relevant State Government agencies, like the State Emergency Service (SES), Office of Environment and Heritage and Transport for NSW.
  • Representatives of relevant industry bodies
  • Local community representatives, including land owners, flood action groups and environmental groups
  • Guests who provide specialist advice as needed.

The Northern Area Floodplain Risk Management Committee covers the Hewitt’s Creek, Collins Creek, Northern Suburbs and Towradgi catchments.

The Central Area Floodplain Risk Management Committee covers the Fairy and Cabbage Tree Creeks, Wollongong City and Allans Creek catchments.

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PDF File" 16 September 2021 Floodplain-Risk-Management-Committee-Central-and-Southern-Areas-Agenda-16-September-2021.pdf 212.9 KB
PDF File" 9 February 2021 Floodplain-Risk-Management-Committee-Central-Area-Agenda-9-February-2021.pdf 127.6 KB
PDF File" 9 February 2021 Floodplain-Risk-Management-Committee-Central-Area-Minutes-9-February-2021.pdf 223.6 KB
PDF File" 2 April 2020 Central-Area-Floodplain-Risk-Management-Committee-Minutes-2-April-2020.pdf 142.7 KB
PDF File" 2 April 2020 Central-Area-Floodplain-Risk-Management-Committee-Agenda-2-April-2020.pdf 119.9 KB
PDF File" 17 October 2019 Floodplain-Risk-Management-Committee-Central-Area-Agenda-17-October-2019.pdf 504.6 KB
PDF File" 17 October 2019 Central-Area-Floodplain-Risk-Management-Committee-Minutes-17-October-2019.pdf 132.0 KB
PDF File" 26 June 2019 Floodplain-Risk-Management-Committee-Central-Area-Agenda-26-June-2019.pdf 114.1 KB
PDF File" 16 April 2019 Central-Area-Floodplain-Risk-Management-Committee-Minutes-16-April-2019.pdf 145.7 KB
PDF File" 16 April 2019 Floodplain-Risk-Management-Committee-Central-Area-Agenda-16-April-2019.pdf 115.4 KB
PDF File" 17 April 2018 Attachment-1-Central-Area-Floodplain-Risk-Management-Committee-Minutes-17-April-2018.pdf 642.5 KB
PDF File" 17 April 2018 Attachment-2-Central-Area-Floodplain-Risk-Management-Committee-Minutes-17-April-2018.pdf 2.1 MB
PDF File" 17 April 2018 Attachment-3-Central-Area-Floodplain-Risk-Management-Committee-Minutes-17-April-2018.pdf 1.7 MB
PDF File" 17 April 2018 Central-Area-Floodplain-Risk-Management-Committee-Minutes-17-April-2018.pdf 15.7 KB

The Southern Area Floodplain Risk Management Committee covers the Minnegang Creek, Mullet Creek, Brooks Creek, Lake Illawarra and Duck Creek catchments.