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Wollongong City Council

Declared Dams Reports

We manage many detention basins within the Wollongong City Council area. A small number of these are considered to be in a high enough risk category to be classed as 'Declared Dams'.

The general purpose of these structures is to withhold stormwater during flood events for a slower, more controlled release of water to minimise flooding effects downstream.

As the owner of one or more Declared Dams, we must regularly inspect and report on them to make sure they work correctly and are safe for the public. These reports help to us comply with the NSW Dams Safety Act, 2015 and the NSW Dams Safety Regulation, 2019.

You can read our annual compliance reports for Declared Dams below. Please see the disclaimer at the bottom of this page before reading these reports.

These reports have also been submitted to Dams Safety NSW.

For more information about the management of Declared Dams within NSW, you can visit the Dams Safety NSW website

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