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Wollongong City Council

Noise Issues

Whether it's from music, air conditioners, power tools, pool pumps or other sources, excessive noise can be very disruptive.

Council can investigate reports of ongoing noise issues in line with NSW legislation. Use the button at the bottom of this page to let us know if there's a noise problem in your neighbourhood.

For one-off noises like late night parties, you should call the Police on 131 444.

This information may change without notice. You can also visit the NSW EPA website for more information.

Type of noise Acceptable hours
Music, drums, tvs and sound equipment 8am – midnight Friday, Saturday and the day before a public holiday.
8am -10pm any other day.
Power tools and garden equipment 8am – 8pm Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.
7am – 8pm any other day.
Air conditioners and water heat pumps 8am – 10pm Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.
7am – 10pm any other day.
Pumps, including swimming pool and spa pumps 8am – 8pm Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.
7am – 8pm any other day.
Motor vehicles (except when entering or leaving a residential property) 8am – 8pm Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.
7am – 8pm any other day
Building construction Unless a development has approval from Council for different hours, the standard hours that apply for building work are:
  • No work allowed on Sunday or public holidays
  • 8am – 4pm Saturday
  • 7am – 5pm weekdays.

Extra restrictions can be placed on any activity that causes offensive noise. Noise is considered offensive if it unreasonably interferes with someone’s comfort or peace.

Barking dog

If your neighbour’s dog is barking and disturbing you, talk to your neighbour if you can. They might not know there’s a problem, especially if the dog barks when they’re not home.

If you can’t talk to your neighbour, or if that doesn't help, report it using the button below.

We’ll let the owner know there’s been a complaint and give them advice to reduce barking.

Other animals

Use the button below to report any other types of domestic animal noise in residential areas.

To report a nuisance cat, please see our Animal Issues page.

Noise from building work and construction can be considered a nuisance. When approval is given for building works, the conditions of consent will explain what a builder needs to do to limit the impact of noise on people nearby. The consent will also explain the hours they're allowed to work.

If you're being disturbed by building noise, call us on (02) 4227 7111 and we can check if the work is being done in line with approval conditions.

If your neighbour is making noise that disturbs you, it's a good idea to talk to them as a first step. They may not even be aware that there's a problem.

If you're not able to talk with your neighbour, or if talking with them didn't help, you can contact the Community Justice Centre (CJC). The CJC can arrange mediation between neighbours, and this can be a good way to avoid having to go through legal processes.

Where to report other noise problems

  • Noise from large industrial sites like mines or ports: contact the NSW EPA on 131 555.
  • Noise from pubs or clubs: contact Liquor and Gaming NSW.