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Wollongong City Council

Trees, Grass and Plants

Use the links below to tell us about problems with trees, grass or plants.

We mow grass at our parks, sportsgrounds and other land managed by Council. We also mow footpaths and road reserves next to Council-owned properties.

We do not usually mow footpaths or road reserves next to property that is privately owned. Residents are expected to look after these areas.

If residential-zoned land is overgrown, we will ask the owner or tenant to fix it if:

  • The grass or weeds are more than 0.5 metres high on more than 25% of the property
  • The overgrown area is within 10 metres of the house, or within 5 metres of the property boundary of the person complaining, and
  • There is vermin in the overgrown area, or evidence that it is having a negative effect on the person complaining.

If the owner or tenant does not fix the problem, we will do the minimum work needed to make it safe.

To report overgrown land, call us on (02) 4227 7111 or use the button below.

Please note that we sometimes get a mowing backlog, especially after rain in warmer months. When this happens there can be delays in responding to public requests. We usually try to mow sportsgrounds and busy areas first.

We look after most trees and plants on public land. You can report tree and plant issues to us like:

  • Dead, diseased or decaying trees
  • Root damage
  • Damaged or hanging branches
  • Roots from a tree on public land blocking a sewer
  • Storm damage
  • Bee or wasp hives or swarms in a tree
  • Birds causing damage to a tree.

Call (02) 4227 7111 or use the button below.

Damaging trees and plants on public land is a serious criminal offence.

Tree vandalism can include poisoning, pruning, ringbarking, burning, removing or destroying plants.

If you’ve seen anyone vandalising a tree or plant, you can report it to us using the button below, or contact the Police on 131 444.

Use the button below to tell us about tree pruning, tree removal, or vegetation clearing on private land which you think may not have been approved.

Endeavour Energy is our local electricity company. They keep trees clear of powerlines and can prune trees near powerlines without Council’s approval.

To report a problem about trees near powerlines, visit Endeavour Energy’s website or call them on 131 003.

If you notice a bee swarm in a tree that’s on public land, call us on (02) 4227 7111 or use the button below. We’ll look into it and if needed arrange experts to remove it.

If a bee swarm is on private land, the owner will need to make arrangements to deal with it. Don’t try to remove a bee swarm yourself! Visit the Illawarra Beekeepers websiteto find someone who can safely remove it for you.