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Wollongong City Council

Lake Illawarra Estuary Management Committee

The Lake Illawarra Estuary Management Committee (LIEMC) is a stakeholder committee of representatives from key government agencies, the community and scientific advisors.

The LIEMC provides advice, feedback and support to both Wollongong and Shellharbour Councils in regards to the management of Lake Illawarra. They have been integral in the development of the Lake Illawarra Coastal Management Program (CMP). To learn more about the CMP please see the 'Planning for Lake Illawarra' section of our Lake Illawarra page.

This committee meets quarterly, and their meeting scheduled for July 2021 is their last meeting.

After the Local Government elections a Lake Illawarra Stakeholder Reference Group will be formed to help councils engage with key stakeholders and the community.

If you’d like to know more about opportunities to be involved, email or call us on (02) 4227 7111.

The Lake Illawarra Estuary Management Committee (LIEMC) includes:

  • Three councillors from Wollongong City Council
  • Three councillors from Shellharbour City Council
  • Two independent scientific advisors
  • Two community members from Wollongong
  • Two community members from Shellharbour
  • Two local Aboriginal representatives.
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PDF File" 24 February 2021 LIEMC-Minutes-24-February-2021.pdf 309.2 KB
PDF File" 18 November 2020 LIEMC-Meeting-Minutes-18-Nov-2020.pdf 688.2 KB
PDF File" 19 August 2020 LIEMC-Meeting-Minutes-19-Aug-2020.pdf 482.8 KB
PDF File" 13 May 2020 LIEMC-Meeting-Minutes-13-May-2020.pdf 292.6 KB
PDF File" 26 February 2020 LIEMC-Meeting-Minutes-26-Feb-2020.pdf 538.7 KB
PDF File" 13 November 2019 LIEMC-Meeting-Minutes-13-Nov-2019.pdf 226.3 KB
PDF File" 28 August 2019 LIEMC-Minutes-28-August-2019.pdf 220.5 KB
PDF File" 27 March 2019 Lake-Illawarra-Estuary-Management-Committee-Minutes-27-March-2019.pdf 417.1 KB
PDF File" 5 December 2018 Lake-Illawarra-Estuary-Management-Committee-Minutes-5-December-2018.pdf 331.6 KB
PDF File" 19 September 2018 Lake-Illawarra-Estuary-Management-Committee-Minutes-19-September-2018.pdf 370.9 KB
PDF File" 11 July 2018 Lake-Illawarra-Estuary-Management-Committee-Minutes-11-July-2018.pdf 286.7 KB
PDF File" 11 April 2018 Lake-Illawarra-Estuary-Management-Committee-Minutes-11-April-2018.pdf 323.1 KB
PDF File" 29 November 2017 Lake-Illawarra-Estuary-Management-Committee-Minutes-29-November-2017.pdf 300.5 KB
PDF File" 9 August 2017 Lake-Illawarra-Estuary-Management-Committee-Minutes-9-August-2017.pdf 227.1 KB
PDF File" 10 May 2017 Lake-Illawarra-Estuary-Management-Committee-Minutes-10-May-2017.pdf 300.2 KB
PDF File" 8 February 2017 Lake-Illawarra-Estuary-Management-Committee-Minutes-8-February-2017.pdf 219.4 KB
PDF File" 2 November 2016 Lake-Illawarra-Estuary-Management-Committee-Minutes-2-November-2016.pdf 262.3 KB
PDF File" 10 August 2016 Lake-Illawarra-Estuary-Management-Committee-Minutes-10-August-2016.pdf 248.1 KB
PDF File" 4 May 2016 Lake-Illawarra-Estuary-Management-Committee-Minutes-4-May-2016.pdf 73.1 KB
PDF File" 10 February 2016 Lake-Illawarra-Estuary-Management-Committee-Minutes-10-February-2016.pdf 74.3 KB
PDF File" 28 October 2015 Lake-Illawarra-Estuary-Management-Committee-Minutes-28-October-2015.pdf 230.0 KB
PDF File" 12 August 2015 Lake-Illawarra-Estuary-Management-Committee-Minutes-12-August-2015.pdf 226.5 KB

If you’d like to ask a question or make a suggestion to the LIEMC, please call us on (02) 4227 7111 or email one the community representatives below: