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Wollongong City Council

Climate Change

Climate change is a challenging issue in our area, and around the world.

We’re working to try and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and the impact our actions have on the environment. We’re also planning how to deal with the effects of climate change – many of which are already being felt in Wollongong.

Some of the effects of climate change we are already seeing, or expect to see in future, include:

  • More extreme weather like storms, bush fires, floods and drought
  • Increased average temperatures and more heatwaves
  • Changes in rainfall and flood patterns
  • Sea level rise.

We have several strategies to respond to climate change in Wollongong. We work with our community, other councils and government bodies to create and update these strategies.

Our main strategies for climate change are:

We’re also trying to make the way we work more sustainable.

Climate change affects many of our other strategies and policies, from how we manage emergencies to development rules, floods and coastal management.

The Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy is an international group of more than 9,200 cities that support voluntary action to combat climate change.

Wollongong City Council joined this group in 2017.

We need to meet certain milestones that are required by this covenant. These milestones have two streams: climate change mitigation (emissions reduction) and climate change adaptation.

We've completed the year one milestones, which are:

  • Complete a city wide emissions inventory (including all sectors of emissions)
  • Complete a climate change vulnerability assessment.

We're currently working on the year two milestones:

  • Develop a science-derived city-wide emissions reduction target
  • Complete a climate change hazards assessment.

Once we've reached the year two milestones, we'll start work on the year three milestones, which are:

  • Develop an emissions reduction action plan
  • Develop a climate change adaptation plan.

To read more about what we're doing, visit the Wollongong page on the Global Covenant of Mayors website.

We're also reviewing our Environmental Sustainability Policy and Strategy, and based on initial feedback from the community we expect that climate change will be a major focal point in our new strategy.

Visit our Sustainable Living pages to find simple ways you can reduce your impact on climate change.

You can also help the environment by handling waste properly. See our Household Rubbish pages for more information.