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Wollongong City Council


Dunes are the backbones of our beaches. They help to stabilise the sand and protect beachfront areas from coastal storms. Dunes are also home to many native animals.

Like the rest of our coast, dunes change over time and can be affected by things like weather, ocean conditions and erosion.

We have a Dune Management Strategy to help us look after dunes. This strategy focuses on the dunes at our 17 patrolled beaches. It includes a list of actions we’re taking to keep our dunes and beaches in good condition.

Some of the key parts of our dune strategy include:

  • Keeping sight lines clear so lifeguards and lifesavers have a better view of swimmers
  • Clearing dune walkways so people can access beaches more easily
  • Removing unsuitable plants and weeds, and adding more appropriate native plants
  • Monitoring changes in dunes to help plan future works.

You can read more in the strategy documents below.

You can volunteer to look after Wollongong’s dunes by joining our Dunecare program.

Even if you can’t volunteer, you can help by staying off planted dune areas and taking any rubbish with you when you leave the beach.