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Wollongong City Council


Wild rabbits are widespread in natural and urban areas across Wollongong. They are a biosecurity risk under NSW law, which means property owners have to try and control or remove them from their land.

Rabbits create hazards by damaging the ground and causing erosion. They also destroy plants and grassed areas.

We do the following things about problem rabbits in Wollongong:

  • Work with South East Local Land Services to make sure our rabbit control works support other controls in our wider region.
  • Respond to damage caused by rabbits on Council land. We focus on high use areas like sportsgrounds and playgrounds.
  • Release viruses at some sites targeting rabbits as part of regional programs.

You can read more about how rabbits are managed in the State Government’s South East Regional Strategic Pest Animal Management Plan.

If rabbits are causing a problem on your property, you can seek advice from South East Local Land Services on (02) 4464 6000, or contact a professional pest controller.

If you have a pet rabbit you need to make sure it can’t escape and join the wild rabbit population. You will also need to regularly vaccinate your pet rabbit to protect them from viruses that are released to control wild rabbits. Talk to your vet for advice.