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Wollongong City Council

Green Your Home

Everyone has a role to play in creating a healthy environment and future.

Did you know 75% of land in Wollongong is private property? The remaining 25% is made up of our streets, park, natural areas and other public spaces.

You can make a difference

All our homes and gardens connect to create a huge amount of space. Have a think about what you can you do on your property to help create a healthier future.

  • Grow more herbs or small flowering plants in pots on balconies and courtyards
  • Create an edible or habitat garden
  • Add more plants to your spaces, including local Illawarra or Australian natives
  • Do you have space to plant a tree with a large canopy?
  • Can you add a verge garden, vertical garden or even create a rooftop garden?

What else can you do?

We're here to help by providing free trees, encouraging verge gardens and providing advice and assistance.