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Wollongong City Council

Wollongong City Catchment

The Wollongong City Catchment area includes Wollongong, Mangerton, Coniston and Mount Saint Thomas.

The Central Area Floodplain Committee provides advice to Council about issues in the Wollongong City Catchment area.

A Flood Study for this catchment was completed in 2013. This was followed by a Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan in 2015. You can read these studies in the Documents section of this page.

The Flood Study for Wollongong City Catchment is being reviewed to include updated information and details of new developments.

Current Works and Projects

There are currently no works in this catchment

Planning matrix

We’ve added a matrix for the Wollongong City Catchment into Chapter E13 of the Wollongong Development Control Plan PDF, 7598.16 KB. This helps people understand flood risks when they’re planning new development in the area.

Swan Street culvert  works

Culverts on Swan Street, Wollongong, near Kembla Street, have been upgraded to make them easier to maintain and reduce the chance of blockage.

Vale Street and Gladstone Avenue stormwater inlet

We’ve made detailed designs to create an additional stormwater inlet at Vale Street and Gladstone Avenue, Mount Saint Thomas. This should reduce blockage and create better drainage. Construction is expected to start shortly.

Gurungaty Causeway

We’ve finished a feasibility study and we’re working on detailed designs to lower the Gurungaty Causeway south of Wollongong CBD. We’re working with land owners and NSW Ports on this project.

JJ Kelly Park

We've started investigations into work on JJ Kelly Park to improve the flow of water over the land. This site is challenging as it has acid sulphate soil, and could be contaminated from its previous use as a rubbish tip. A feasibility study is needed  for this work, and we’ll also look at other options that might be easier to put in place.

You can help our research and planning for floods in this catchment by sharing your past experiences.

If you have photos or other information about flooding on your property, please email us or post information to the mailing address in the footer of this page.