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Upgrade your hot water system

Electric heat pump water systems use around one-quarter of the energy compared to traditional electric hot water systems and are a great option for slashing bills. Water heating accounts for over 25% of the average homes electricity costs, ensuring you have the most efficient system can mean significant savings.


Switching to a more energy efficient hot water system will help you reduce the amount of energy and water you use. This means you can expect to see long-term cost savings on your bills.

Using a more energy efficient hot water system will also help you lower your environmental impact.


The NSW Government can help you upgrade your hot water system for a more energy efficient model.

Information on Check out the steps and approved suppliers that can provide installation cost savings through the energy savings scheme can be found here - Upgrading your hot water system.

Information on the types of hot water systems available can be found here - Hot Water Systems

Further information on the benefits, types and things to consider is provided by the Your Home Website