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Upgrade to induction cooking

Induction cooktops are popular, and for good reason: They're safe, healthy, and energy efficient. That means not only do they save money but also save your home from harmful pollutants.

Read more about the link between gas stoves and asthma from the National Asthma Council.


Induction cookware works differently to standard electric hot plates, they are heated using a magnetic charge rather than a heating element making them safer and more responsive for cooking. This means only certain cookware will work on induction cooktops, to see if your cookware is compatible try using a magnet – if it stick, you won’t need replacements.

New wiring may also be needed to change over to an induction cooktop so check first with an electrician, this could be a good opportunity to discuss what other upgrades your home might need to accommodate electrification of other appliances.

You can also buy portable induction cooktops that can be placed on top of a benchtop and plugged into a power point. These can be a good option for renters and smaller kitchens or if you want to trial the technology before buying a wired in unit.


  • Not-for-profit Renew has a mini buyers guide that has information on sizes and what to look for when considering induction cooktops.