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Wollongong City Council

Garage Sales

Having a big clean out? Holding a garage sale is a great way to find new homes for your ‘stuff’ and make a little money.

Do I need permission?

You don’t need a permit to hold a garage sale. Just make sure it’s on your property and doesn’t spill over to the footpath or any other public space.

Pick a date and advertise

Weekends are great, but avoid public holidays or other special events. Spread the word to family, friends, neighbours and colleagues, and think about advertising in local papers or online.

Decide what to sell

Stick to things that could still be useful to someone. If you’re selling clothes or textiles, give them a wash before the sale.

If you don’t have enough stuff for a sale, see if any friends or neighbours want to join in and hold a group sale.

List and price items

Make a list of what you’re selling and their prices, in case any price tags or signs fall off. Keep your prices realistic. People come to garage sales looking for bargains, so don’t overprice!

Set up

Make sure your place is tidy and there aren’t any trip hazards of other things that could injure people coming onto your property. Keep any pets inside, or away from the sale area.

Display what you’re selling so people can easily see and reach everything. Group similar items and hang up clothes if you can. Keep breakables where they won’t be knocked over, and arrange a power supply so people can test any electrical items.

Handling sales

Make sure you have enough change ready before your sale. You may also need a calculator, cash box, pen and your list of items. Keep any large amounts of money locked in your house, and don’t accept personal cheques.

It’s a good idea to have some newspaper, empty boxes, reusable bags, and tape or string to package up items if needed. Scissors and a tape measure can also come in handy.

After the sale

If you still have things left over, donate anything in good shape to a charity, think about selling it online, or visit the Revolve Centre at our waste depot.

You may also be able to book a household cleanup for items that you can’t sell, donate or recycle. Conditions apply.

We’ve been taking part in this fun Australia-wide program for several years now. The Garage Sale Trail is held each spring, and encourages people all over the country to hold garage sales at the same time.